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Component-Level CMSs | CSS-Tricks 0

Component-Level CMSs | CSS-Tricks

When a component lives in an environment where the data queries populating it live nearby, there is a pretty direct line between the visual component and the database where that exact content lives. That...

Choosing The Best WordPress Table Plugin 0

Choosing The Best WordPress Table Plugin

So you’ve got a lot of data you want to present to your readers. Using tables seem like the obvious choice right? The problem is, tables are unsupported by the classic WordPress Visual Editor....

Hamburger ☰ Heaven ★ Stellify 0

Hamburger ☰ Heaven ★ Stellify

While exploring unicode symbols, I discovered that the three-bar icon people now see as the hamburger menu also exists in the symbol table as something called the “trigram for heaven” ☰. It’s one of...

JAMstack vs. Jamstack | CSS-Tricks 0

JAMstack vs. Jamstack | CSS-Tricks

It’s just a word to evoke the idea that serving as much as you can statically while using client-side code and hitting serverless APIs for any needs after that. The “official website” changed their...