12 reason why every business should use Pinterest?

Social Media is the best way to promote any brand or company. Facebook and twitter have lot of users. If you have a page in Facebook and twitter, in next steps, you should create an account on Pinterest. Shareaholic.com conducts a survey of the 8 major social networking sites and traffic they are sending to websites. According to this study, Pinterest, was able to increase its traffic in only 3 months to approximately 48%. This can make a big impact on any business.

Think of digital marketing for products such as books, magazines, antiques and local services. Pinterest is an image-based social media. Pinterest is around for more than 4 years now. You can upload images in Pinterest and organize, share or store them as pin. With more than 70million users, Pinterest is growing really fast. So Pinterest is really good to market your business.

Why should you start using Pinterest?

Below I will give you 12 ways to benefit from Pinterest marketing. You can share photos, follow and see other people photos in Pinterest.

1. Entry in Pinterest.

With Pinterest, you have the opportunity to provide your profile page with your company’s name and to add a logo as a profile picture. Every time, you pin a photo people can also your profile picture which will attract some attention. You can add a short description of your company with a link to your website on your profile page. You can also link your Facebook and twitter with your Pinterest profile. If you have several businesses you can create different page for each of them. In this way, your products and pages will be safe.

2. Increase the potential reach of your business.

Pinterest also offers a share button. The follower can share the photos, logo and graphics on your site. The more people share on Pinterest about your business the more people will follow and visit your business site. Therefore, it is advantageous if you use a Pinterest share button on your Web page. If you don’t know how to create a share button, Pinterest will guide you through necessary steps. You can easily add a button through the builder’s website widget creates. You can easily add a Pinterest share button to the your website widget.

3. Market research.

Pinterest will give you a good overview of the market. For the reason, you can easily understand what types of users are mostly interested in your products. Though the majority of Pinterest users a female they have husbands or friend. So if a Pinterest user shares a product other will also know about it. And day by day your product will be popular.

conduct market research with pinterest

4. Get new customer.

If one of your pins even begins to become popular in the various pinboards then you can get large number of traffics. Imagine this situation as a huge billboard on the highway as it is really hard to ignore a billboard. Highway. And this will significantly increase your chance to create new customers. So if you regularly share the good product in Pinterest you will eventually benefit from it.

5. The possibility of becoming the authority.

Because Pinterest puts you in the position to conduct market research, you can respond to the market. So with good quality photos and detail description you can provide your customer exactly whatever they are looking for. If you can do that consistently you can become an authority in your industry.

6. Free marketing by your followers.

Free marketing is always good and in Pinterest, you can easily achieve this. Just likeInstagram and Facebook also makes use of the power of Pinterest followers. The more interesting photo, the greater are the chances that it will be spread by your Followers. Resistance is very important, it will not work if you are not always on the ball and reliably publish pins.

7. Possible customer loyalty through sweepstakes.

Customer loyalty can be increased through contests and sweepstakes. Try to call such a photo contest in the life in which you are looking for the best photo with your logo on it and reward afterwards. This may cause global photos pinning with your logo, which will raise your popularity naturally.

8. Advanced product Marketing

You can tell your followers about upcoming products with Pinterest.
With the online social media such as Facebook, Twitter and similar site, you can give advance awareness about the new products. In the theory of marketing that leads to more customers through greater product visibility.

9. Increasing sales by Pinterest.

The distribution of your pins among the countless users of Pinterest, over time wills increases your sales. I recommend that you create a separate page for each product category to help you reach only among the people who are really interested in this product. Tell people about your company goals and vision through your profile page.

10. The long life of a Pinterest post.

Average Pinterest pin lifespan is a three and half month. This is good 1600 times longer than the average lifespan of a Facebook post. With each repins your pins lifespan increase. According to Wisemetrics.com, a Tweet experienced its largest distributing within 24 minutes before it “dies”. A Facebook post holds about 90 minutes before he is no longer relevant. A Pinterest pin, however, lives a relatively long time about three and a half months.



11. A good SEO strategy.

The way Pinterest works keywords are really important. If you Google for products by keyword, Pinterest pages often come at the top in the search results that has the right keyword. So you must invest time to select the right keywords.

12. Almost free with some usage.

An advantage for you is that you pin photos for yourself or hire someone at low price. Just take a really good photo, describe it properly and add some matching keywords. You can also take the good picture by a professional photographer for maximum return. The better the image is, the greater the chance that it will be widely shared.


Pinterest can be good marketing platform especially for the companies. The life of a Pinterest pin is relatively long and the possibility of the spread is much. With a little devotion and regular sharing of good product images, you can achieve more than on other social media sites.

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