13 free Icon Fonts for your next web project #Edition: 2

Are you looking for amazing icon font to use in your design projects? Discover a selection of 13 free icons fonts. You might also interested in our first collection of 12 free Icon Fonts.

What is an Icon Font?

As its name suggests, an icon font is a font that contains icons instead of the letters.

The benefits icon fonts are:

  • Easy to use (as a font)
  • Easily customizable in CSS
  • Incredible display Speed

Here is the complete list of 13 amazing icon fonts. Enjoy

Captain web icon


Bringing together no less than 350 icons of all kinds, representing many elements of everyday life, CaptainWebIcon is ideal for creating applications, cartoons, or others in a colorful and welcoming environment.


paymentfontPaymentFont contains an array of icons representing of payment method companies. Best for using in an online store.

Mono Social Icons

monosocialiconsfontMono Social Icons Font icons and you can customize those according to your needs. You can download three versions of each icon.


entypoVery simple and explicit, the Entypo icons available for free and can be integrated into any document, website, etc. .. and represent a multitude of objects.


sociconAs its name suggests, Socicon offers a range of icons relevant to social networks. You will find all the icons of existing social networks.


typiconsLike Entypo, Typicon offers various icons, representing some operating systems, other directions or objects of everyday life.


meteoconsMeteocons contains a series of icons representing the weather. Like rain, sale, snow or sunshine. Those icons are suitable for weather web projects.


fontelloOffering a range of diverse and various icons to download, Fontello also offers some animated icons, ideal for making a user wait for a download or loading a web page.


icoMoonIcoMoon, like many other sites offer a catalog of hundreds of icons (nearly 500), covering such areas as social networks, directions, music controls (play, pause, etc ..), everyday objects, and more.


fontasticWell designed, free and very numerous, icons Fontastic cover many areas and, therefore, can be integrated into any of your projects.

Open Iconic

open iconicExtremly clean, all icons offered by Open Iconic can be downloaded in various formats, enough to ensure their compatibility with numerous systems and software.


ioniconsOffering an array of icons for download, Ionicons often offers a black version and a white variation (with black outline) of each of the icons. These are numerous and cover many areas.


weloveiconfontsWeLoveIconFonts is a goldmine for anyone wanting to find the perfect icon. Offering hundreds of icons for download, WeLoveIconFonts provides a wide range, fully adapted to all needs.

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