13 helpful JavaScript plugins for web designers

JavaScript is the best solutions to create eye-catching effects, interactions in the web design. That is why today I want today share 13 excellent JavaScript plugins to assist you in web design. Enjoy…


A very simple and fun script to add an easter egg (hidden feature) in your different web pages.Egg JS


Perhaps you have already heard of this excellent Javascript tool. Layzr improves you website speed by deferring the loading of images until they’re within the viewport.Layzrjs


RAD will help create mobile applications faster. An optimized framework for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8. It also supports all major web browsers.RAD JS


A small tool that transforms the classic “top” based elevator with neat scrolling and music on hold.Elevator JS


With Dense you can display retina images on any device. A jQuery plugin that works with all browsers.Dense Javascipt



A simple script loader that give you the ability to cache scripts with localStorage. Save your scripts locally for automatic loading and you can use that later.Basket js



This tool will allow you to create fullscreen websites with scrolling. Very easy to use, it can also be used to create sliders.FullPage.js - plugin for creating sites fullscreen scrolling



This is a grid that can be activated or deactivated to facilitate the design in the browser. You simply have to press the key “g“.Guides



You will have the opportunity to create a rain effect and one drink effect for JavaScript and HTML5. A tool compatible with all modern browsers.Rainyday JS


Clusterize will allow you to more easily view a large data set.Clusterize JS


Trunk will help you tailor your content to different sizes for the various devices on the market (PC, tablet, mobile phone).Trunk JS



It will do a text search in your browser. A simple, light and very rich.Lunr JS



Vorlon is a tool to test and debug your JavaScript remotely. It uses node.js and socket.io.

Vorlon JS

I hope you like are the collection of 13 excellent JavaScript Tools for web designers. Tell us what is your favorite in the comment below and don’t forget to share it with your friends…

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  • big al

    Thanks for the useful libraries. I looked at Layzr, which works great and doesn’t require additional frameworks, but I ended up with Unveil, which is < 1kb, since I already use jQuery.