15 best tools to build your analytical dashboard

Measurement and analysis in most cases will determine the success of a strategy. We have collected the most powerful tools for you to build your analytical dashboard so that you can make the best decisions at the first glance.

I always say that a good tool is crucial, and that should we provide a quick way to generate graphs and obtain data and provided as an addition to your analysis to drawing conclusions. Although tools are not everything, a good tools really boost productivity.

There are many analytical tools that allow us to generate dashboards. Here I present to you a few that will allow you to combine good results and make decisions faster. Based on your needs and the needs of each project, I think you will find those tools really interesting.

Essential tools for your dashboard


Chartio Cloud Business IntelligenceWhat I like about Chart.io is that you can connect an external database with MySQL, which makes it easier to weave data between different sources. Still, they have to polish this feature because sometimes you do not get what you need.


KlipFolio Online Business Dashboard PlatformIf there is something I like about analytical tools it is the ability to view a comparison of monthly data to know what we can correct. Among all the tools, Klipfolio is one of my favorites.

I was lucky enough to try a trial version without limitations, and what I liked most was the possibility for the user to interact with all charts and on all devices.


Cyfe Business DashboardCyfe is really useful to create your advanced control panel. You can connect a lot of different sources and it is extremely easy to use.

The ability to resize widgets quickly gives you a very useful customization options. Plus the TV mode to put the full-screen dashboard is perfect for a TV monitoring data.


ClicData Dashboard‎Clicdata is much more than a dashboard. It may have some limitations as overall Cpanel, but its has ability to summarize and create great computer graphics data with some good features.

If you want to try, there is a free version up to 1GB of space.


Qlik Business Intelligence and Data Visualization SoftwareQlikView is another tool for creating excellent dashboards.

Although previously known as QlikView, the new version is much more intuitive, offering the ability to measure the user experience in a very visual and fun dashboard, adapting to all types of segments.

Sweetspot Intelligence

Sweetspot IntelligenceIt is one of the best adapted to the change, since it has a mobile version first, and even one for SmartWatch, allowing searches by voice KPIs.

On the other hand, we can program sweetspot status updates and interactions without being connected to the Internet.


DashThisDashThis is probably the most enjoyable tool visually, being at the same time one of the most comprehensive and providing data in a way very full and advanced.

It is regularly updated automatically, with subsequent mailing, so you do not have to worry about it.


Visually Infographic Design Presentation and Video CreationVisually is much more than a dashboard, and that’s why I only include relatate things in this list.

We can not only create a dashboard but also add videos, infographics, presentations, and even measure the user experience in both web and app, making it one of the most comprehensive tools on the market.


DucksboardIt is perhaps the best-designed app but for my taste, is too basic. It will cover your needs if you do not measure or combine several sources of different channels. Ducksboard was acquired by New Relic in October 2014 so you can expect some improvements in the future.


Geckoboard Data dashboards for businessesIt is on the border between basic and advanced. More than 100 widgets to use and quite interesting options. But I miss being able to import CSV.

It is quite similar to Ducksboard but with a lot of widgets that allow you to import data from almost all the apps we use in day to day. Analytics has filters that allow themselves to queries Analytics.

Happy Metrix

Happy Metrix DashboardsThe big difference with other apps is that it is made with Adobe Air, so you do have to install it directly in your computer.

Level data collection does not perhaps much compared to the rest. Does not have too many widgets at the moment, we will have to keep track to see if they improve in the future.

Analytics Portfolio

Analytics Porfolio - A multisite dashboard for web analyticsWhat I love about this app that it very quickly gives you metrics combined a lot of sites in table format and for a specified period. Very useful if you have many sites in a network of blogs for example.

New Relic

New Relic Application Performance Management toolTool for monitoring web and mobile application that gives us a full report in graphics and text on how our site is performing in real time.

Alerts, performance according to device, and advanced statistics of users according to segment and device. In short, a good tool to discover insights at the time.


Chartbeat Building the Attention EconomyA picture perfect control panel to see insights in real time what is happening on your website at all times.


Woopra Real-time Customer AnalyticsWoopra is a little more powerful than Chartbeat suite. Especially emphasizes the part of customer intelligence with real-time data on what’s happening on your website to your users.

But, if you want something more powerful customer intelligence you can try Mixpanel or Customer.io.

Tell us what do you think about those analytic dashboard tools in the comment below. And don’t forget to share this with your friends…

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  • Hi WBD, Thank you for putting DashThis on your list! Cheers

    • DashThis is a really good tool. Thanks for creating this…

  • VK

    You forgot zoomcharts.com (not a customer/investor) … they offer more than your Excel-like examples

    • Zoomcharts look pretty good. Thanks for sharing this. There are so many dashboard tools so we couldn’t include all of them…

  • Fernando Volpi

    Great list of tools, although I think that a very important one is missing, Tableau, which for me is one of the best.

    • Tableau looks good. Thanks for sharing that with us…