16 new, free e-books for web designers and developers

If you are a web designer or developer, then you know that you can never educate yourself enough. Free E-Books are always a good solution for this since most e-books offer learning the material in compressed form. This is very helpful because every Web worker suffers from a lack of time. All of those e-books are completely free but has really high-quality content. So you can quickly and elegantly delve into a subject and acquire compressed knowledge. In this post, I will introduce you to 16 new and free e-books.

1. Pocket Guide to Writing SVG

Pocket Guide to Writing SVGThe E-book shows you very clearly how to correctly integrate SVG into the Website with many good examples. Joni shows Step by step for the good implementation with those examples.

File Formats: to read online (Web) and markdown  (Download from GitHub)

Author: Joni Trythall

2. Speaking JavaScript

Speaking JavaScriptA very comprehensive book on JavaScript. The author goes into depth and explained in detail the programming with JavaScript. An E-book for people who want to learn the programming language practically.

File Formats: to read online (Web)

Author: Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

3. Adaptive Web Design

Adaptive Web DesignIn this eBook you will learn all about the adaptive web design in 6 chapters. From the origins of the progressive enhancement to the implementation of progressive enhancement principles with the help of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

File Formats: to read online (Web)

Author: Aaron Gustafson

4. Type Classification eBook

Type Classification eBookOn 27 pages author, Jacob Cass talked a lot about typography. It covers the key classifications of typography. A brief history of each classification and the core characteristics.

File formats: PDF Download

Author: Jacob Cass

5. 11 Things to Do With Every New WordPress Install

11 Things to Do With Every New WordPress InstallThis eBook has 11 good tips for anyone who wants to install a WordPress site. If you are a WordPress beginner and doesn’t have that much knowledge about WordPress, then this e-book is right for you. It gives you a step-by-step guide with the most important points for the WordPress installation process

File formats: PDF Download

Author: iThemes Media

6. Building Web Apps with Go

Building Web Apps with GoIn this E-book, Jeremy Saenz wants to show you how to build Web applications quickly using the programming language GO. In 15 chapters, the author guides you through each step of the programming.

File formats: PDF Download | EPUBMobi | Online(Web)

Author: Jeremy Saenz

7. Go Mobile With WordPress

Go Mobile With WordPressThe e-book tells how to optimize WordPress webpage for mobile device and how to implement them best. Explains what is responsive Web design and why you should use it? The author also talks about pure mobile themes as well as the benefits of mobile apps. In addition, you get a lot of tips that you need to create a website to make mobile friendly.

File formats: PDF Download

Author: iThemes Media

8. HTML Canvas Deep Dive

HTML Canvas Deep DiveThe e-book has some good exercises and interactive examples, and some step-by-step instructions, so that you can work properly and resourceful in the future with Canvas. However, you should have a basic knowledge in HTML5 and JavaScript in order to understand this book.

File Formats: Read Online (Web)

Author: Josh Marinacci

9. 10 Keys to Great Landing Pages

10 Keys to Great Landing PagesA very short, but quite a good e-book, which teach how to create good landing pages in only 10 steps. You know the difference between a landing page and a website, and most importantly, why it is so important to create good landing pages.

File formats: PDF Download

Author: iThemes Media

10. Book of Speed

Book of SpeedThe “Book of speed” written by Stojan Stefanov is a free e-book on website performance. It starts by focusing on the business impact of Web performance, give tips, allowing you to improve your website’s speed.

File Formats: to read online (Web)

Author: Stoyan Stefanov

11. A Practical Guide to Designing for the Web

A Practical Guide to Designing for the WebA comprehensive eBook with 5 chapters. This eBook talks color schemes, ideas, typography, layout and much. The e-book offers a good insight into the world of web design.

File formats: PDF Download | EPUB | MOBI

Author: Marc Boulton

12. PHP: The Right Way

PHP The Right WayOn the web, you find a lot of outdated information that will mislead new PHP users and spread the bad practices and bad code.  “PHP: The right way” is easy to read quick reference for PHP and contains the best method, recognized code standards and links to relevant guides on the web.

File Formats: to read online (Web)

Author: Josh Lockhart

13. Essential Career Advice for Developers

Essential Career Advice for DevelopersThis eBook was written by the CEO of iThemes, Cory J. Miller, especially for web developers. It shows you how to create a good portfolio, how beneficial is working with clients, how to develop good communication techniques.

File formats: PDF Download

Author: Cory J. Miller

14. So You Want To Be A Freelancer?

So You Want To Be A FreelancerIf you would like to be a freelancer in web design business, but do not know how to do that, then, this e-book has the necessary suggestions. It compares the pros and cons of Freelancing and gives you a lot of practical tips. Learn how to make money, organizes itself, acquires new customers and much more. A highly recommended e-book for aspiring freelancers.

File formats: PDF Download

Author: iThemes Media

15. Magic of CSS

Magic of CSSMagic of CSS offers six chapters packed full of knowledge for the box model, layout, table layout, color, typography and CSS Transitions. The fabric is easy to understand, well written and brings you close to a number of examples CSS.

File Formats: to read online (Web) | Download as HTML book to read offline (GitHub)

Author: Adam Schwartz

16. How to Start a Blog

How to Start a BlogHow to Start a Blog” is a very loving and elaborately made e-book, which is aimed at beginners blogging. It shows all the necessary steps gradually. From choosing the content management system and installation, through to marketing all the relevant points.

File Formats: to read online (Web) | PDF Download

Authors:  Ogi Djuraskovic, Kristi Hines & the First Site Guide Team.

I hope you like our collections of those useful free e-books for web designers and developers. Tell us what do you think in the comment below and don’t forget to share this with your friends.

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