29 Best Educational Websites to Learn Programming

Fortunately, training – is no longer a luxury, available only to a minority; Today you do not even necessarily go to school or go to university. The Internet has made it possible to disseminate knowledge for free or at an affordable price; it is full of resources to expand our knowledge in many different areas. Because learning can be a lifetime, not just to the receipt of certain certificates of education, this review is not only beginners. It is for anyone who would like to become an expert in any field or just interested in the Internet, the latest tools and developments in this area. This review we want to introduce you to a variety of available training resources. Some of them are completely free, access to the other easily obtained by paying a small sum of money. You may be surprised to learn that your local college or university also offers free lessons and courses on a variety of topics – beware!

Code School

Learn by doing that’s Code School Motto. CodeSchool.com is an educational website that help people to learn programming step by step with their vast video courses, quiz, good reference and PDF books.

Get Codeschool 9 dollars trial for the first month.

Or if you are comfortable with the codeschool then get 2 month free at One Year Membership.

Check out the full review about codeschool.

Update: Codeschool.com is recently acquired by pluralsight.com for 36 million dollars. So what’s that means for codeschool.com, hear what Gregg Pollack said about that”Don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere. Our name won’t change and neither will our team. This new partnership allows us to focus on what we do best: innovating and building the best educational experiences technology can offer.”




Lynda helps get the skills of software development, creative skills and business knowledge. By registering, you will get unlimited access to a huge collection of high-quality video lessons, conducted by professionals. Among those there are also design and development.

Get 10 days of free unlimited access to lynda.com.

lynda 10 days free trial


Who do you want to be? Entrepreneur? The developer of mobile devices? Photographer?Yoga instructor? Thanks to the site Udemy you can become someone wish, learning from experts in the interactive online course with the other by dedicated students. All courses on Udemy are designed and created by the experts themselves, and they also belong. Check our courses at Udemy.


Code Avengers

Courses Code Avengers – it’s an entertaining way to learn programming and web design.The decision of interactive tasks, participation in missions robots and hunting bugs simplify study JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3. The lessons are designed for students of all ages.



Thousands of developers to share their achievements and current projects on Coderwall .Join them, share their professional secrets and get feedback. Learning new languages takes a fun and exciting. See how others cope with the difficulties and get badges for each completed project.


The Starter League (formerly known as Code Academy)

Create Web applications without the necessary support and guidance can be an arduous task. The Starter League provides guidance and expert advice. They also teamed up with 37signals (Basecamp creator and Campfire), and provide practical knowledge to create a successful web application.

starter school


Pluralsight was created by a group of developers to provide education of the highest quality – from the developers by developers. Their library is huge and includes courses on any subject that you could possibly need.

Pluralsight acquires e-learning sites like codeschool.com, Boston-based SmartererDigital-Tutors. In a manner of speaking they are the pioneer in this industry.

plural sight


Resource offers little in terms of lessons on topics from JavaScript to Ruby on Rails, as well as classes for a deeper study of the subject (Tekpub was bought Pluralsight; old videos can be viewed on Pluralsight).



PeepCode offers high-quality screencasts on the topic of web development. With these lessons can be quickly and easily master the most important techniques. (PeepCode was bought Pluralsight; old videos can be viewed on Pluralsight)



Hacker Rank

On Hacker Rank programmers compete with each other, solving puzzles on all sorts of small topics, including algorithms, Gold code, and artificial intelligence. Check your opportunities, programming bot to win tic-tac-toe.

hacker rank

Mozilla Webmaker

Mozilla Webmaker wants you to not only use the Internet, but its open spaces created something amazing. In this resource you will find new tools and projects that will help you get started, as well as the global community of creatives: teachers, filmmakers, journalists and developers – all create and learn together.

mozillar webmaker


Google Developers University Consortium

Google Developers University Consortium offers courses to create projects for the Internet and mobile devices. Here you will find a lot of useful resources, especially if you work with Android or Google Maps.
google developers

Android Training

On Android Training you will find a collection of lessons whose purpose – to help you in creating applications for Android. They explain what steps to take in order to solve a particular problem or add a new feature, using fragments and code samples.

adroid traning



Programr is an online laboratory for students and enthusiasts who want to learn programming. The purpose of this platform – to provide you with the necessary skills to write complex programs. Test your knowledge by completing tasks and creating their own applications directly in your browser. You can show off their know-how in competitions programmers. Resource support for programming languages, game consoles, Internet and mobile devices.



Learn Code the Hard Way

“Less talk, more code” – that’s the credo Learn the Hard Way Code . Students begin with a practical programming; time theory comes later. Main method of this resource: constant practice and repetition in order to memorize, which contributes to more reliable fastening material.

learn code the hard way



Dash teaches HTML, CSS and JavaScript by entertaining projects that you perform in your browser.


Hack Design

Hack Design – is a simple and intuitive design course. Each week you get a lesson created by professional design for your email. This resource is perfect for those who prefer to do in your own pace. No feykovye projects.

hack design



In Codecademy you can learn to create interactive websites, applications and games. Unite Group and programmed with your friends! You can show them your success with glasses and tokens.


In Codewars you can try your hand at kata created to improve various skills. Kata divided complexity. When you perform a kata higher level, go to the next level and offers new Codewars corresponding to the complexity of the task.



Thanks LearnStreet , teaching programming becomes easy for everyone. No matter where you want to start – with JavaScript, Ruby or Python, – on this platform has it all. Take advantage of online courses to master basic skills and apply them by working on small fun project.

Learnstreet just closed their services.

learn street

PHP Academy

PHP Academy offers free classes in PHP and other web programming topics, including MySQL, JavaScript (including jQuery) and CSS. At this resource you will find free video tutorials, the possibility of paid membership and a forum where you can ask for help.



PLAYterm is a platform on which the CLI-users to share their skills and inspiration. You can play your dialogue sessions online and get the code to paste on your website. Share your knowledge and help others to improve their skills.



The New Boston

Through its project The New Boston Bucky Roberts made a high quality education accessible to all. His channel on YouTube offers many lessons on topics such as Java, C ++, After Effects, and Python.

the new boston


gotoAndLearn – a free resource with video tutorials on Flash, Game development and HTML5, created by developer advocate Lee Brimelow.

go to and learn


On repl.it you can try out more than 15 programming languages in your browser – or even on the phone or tablet. Web application also allows you to save the session and share it with othersrepl.it

The Pragmatic Bookshelf

The mission of The Pragmatic Bookshelf is to help developers, offering books, audio books and videos for training. The content is developed by programmers for programmers and affects the most topical issues.

the programming bookshelf


30 Days to Learn HTML and CSS (HTML and CSS in 30 days)

Do you want to learn HTML and CSS, but do not know where to start? ” HTML and CSS in 30 days “- a free course that consists of one video a day for 30 days. All you have to do is spend 10 minutes a day to study one topic. At the end of the course you will have enough knowledge to create your own website.


html and css

A Beginner’s Guide to HTML & CSS («Study Guide HTML and CSS for beginners”)

This simple and detailed guide will help beginners make their first steps in HTML and CSS .Paying particular attention to the basics, the site presents materials on all the basic skills of design and development frontend.

a beginer's guide to html and css

Do not Fear the Internet («Do not be afraid of the Internet”)

For those who do not want to learn programming, this site provides a brief introduction to WordPress, CSS and HTML, and even slightly affects PHP trickery. Jessica Hische and Russ Meshmeyer prepare a video with a small amount of technical information.

don't fear the internet



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