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My favorite code editor has always been the Sublime Text. It is robust and full of useful functionalities. There are also truckloads of plugins available online for advance users. Today I want to share some plugins I’ve been using lately and I’m sure will make life easier for more than one developer. If you use some other code editor, do not worry, as I am certain those plugins are compatible with the most code editor.

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Console Wrap

When working on a large project, we ofter forget to remove logs before. This plugin will help us from happening this because it gives you options to comment, remove or show the logs of a file. It supports three languages: Javascript, Python, and PHP. You can download it for Sublime Text from here, and if you use some other editor like Atom, you can try this plugin that works the same way.

Console Wrap
console wrap



As its name says, it is responsible for automatically saving every change that occurs in the file you are modifying. I must admit that this plugin can be a double-edged sword, which is why it is disabled by default. However, you can configure it to only work on the files you need to be active, thus ignoring changes to other files.

auto save sublime text plugin

Super Calculator

Very often it happens that when I have the design of some interface, the measurements are in pixels and when I want to add the CSS I have to go and open my calculator to be able to convert them to some relative unit. This plugin has saved me tons of time since you can just convert it inside the editor. With Super Calculator you just have to write the mathematical formula you need, select it and press CTRL + C to do the calculation automatically.

Super Calculator
super calculator sublime text plugin
These are just three of my favorite plugins, but there are tons of other plugins that can make your work easier. So tell us with is your favorite Sublime Text plugin?

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