5 Photoshop Brushes you’ll love having in your library

Photoshop is one of the great friends for every visual creator and some, among its many tools, brushes are everyday companions. To expand your library of brushes, we present 5 Photoshop brushes that can get you out of more of a creative hurry.

photoshop brushes


Photoshop brushes are very useful tools with which to create textures of all kinds, being able to regulate even parameters such as size or hardness. Like physical brushes, these provide different textures and different thicknesses of the stroke depending on the brush.

By default, Photoshop presents a variety of brushes among which you can choose different thicknesses and fuzz, and modify the diameter and hardness of the brush. But if you are looking for a concrete and different stroke, we bring you this  selection of 5 Photoshop brushes:


1. Watercolor Feeling Brush & Splatter

watercolor brushes psd

watercolor brushes pincel

17 Watercolor Shapes‘ lets you achieve the texture and appearance of watercolor in your compositions. This pack consists of 17 brushes of different sizes and shapes with which you will get different finishes of watercolor, as well as splashes.


2. Industrial Brush

technical brushes

technical brushes Pincel Photoshop

Technical Brushes’  is a set of 10 illustrative technical drawing brushes, with a vintage air. Pickonhead took special care with details when creating th0se brushes. This set of Photoshop brushes for is free and can be used for both personal and commercial use. With ‘ Technical Brushes’ you will get interesting textures.


3. Dry brush

dry brushes

‘Photoshop Dry Brushes’  is created by artist Kirk Wallace after experimenting with ink and paper. This type of dry brush is ideal if you want to get hard, rough and dry textures, as the artist uses in his illustrations.


4. Water Brushes

water brushes

With this ‘ Water Brush’ pack of 15 brushes, you will achieve the water effect you want (water drops, splash, ripples, small splashes, large and small drops …). Those brushes are free to use for both personal and commercial purposes.



5. Grimey Brush

grimey brushes

With the Grimey brush, you get the dirt effect that you want to apply to your design. This brush for Photoshop is free to use and consists of 5 brushes, all with a size of 1700 x 17000 pixels.



After reviewing these 5 Photoshop brushes you did not found the one you were looking for, you always have the option to create your own brushes with applications like Adobe Brush CC.

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