5 popular frameworks for building your Web application

Good frameworks are essential for creating a Web application but sometimes it can be a daunting task. Knowing what to choose as a framework is important. That’s why we put together five most popular frameworks for building web application!


Angularjs by googleAngular has been proposed initially by Google, and which is currently in the position of dominance in the market. Angular in my opinion the most interesting complete framework, by its very supplied documentation and relatively light use.


ember framework for web applicationEmber is the first “real” framework for web applications I used and leaves me a feeling of too complex for beginners.

While it may be a good choice for very large applications, its structure is very rigid, and its documentation was not updated on all the points, which made me abandon it in favor of Angular.


backbonejsBackbone is one of the oldest among Javascript frameworks and is also a more comprehensive despite its reputation for being a little more “light”. Apparently less binding than Ember on the other libraries and frameworks with which he can cohabit, it provides all the same structure complete with models and collections.


knockoutKnockout is quite questionable in this article because it is a bit light on features, providing an only model system and a templating system. Nevertheless, this is already two features, and adding a routed is so trivial that it finds its place in my opinion.

Its characteristic is to be very light, both level weight level features, and can (or even should) be a complement to other libraries with which you used to work.

React + Flux

React +fluxlink to react

link to flux

So technically, this is not “really” a framework, but both sides ribbed libraries. However, they fit very well together (see logical that they both come from Facebook), and this seems to be one of the winning combination for users.

The special feature of this combination is to use (through React) a virtual DOM, accelerating the treatments.
I have not used much React, but my tests above were quite satisfactory.

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