7 free Apps to create Online Forms

If you are running a website or want to conduct a survey, you must needs online form creating apps. We have tested tons of online form creating apps. Then we sorted out 7 best yet free apps to create amazing online forms.


Wufoo - free online-forms

Wufoo is a web application that helps anybody build amazing online forms. When you design a form with Wufoo, the application automatically builds the database, the backend panel and scripts needed to make collecting and understanding data easily. Forms can be created and customized with ease through a simple drag & drop and an intuitive management of graphics and colors. With the highly customization form, you can also use payment systems based on PayPal.

Go to website: www.wufoo.com


123ContactForm - free online-forms

You can easily create amazing web forms in a visual editor without any knowledge of HTML and programming. The procedure for creating the form is based on a simple drag & drop system and once you complete your work it will download the HTML code. Through 123ContactForm you can create simple contact forms, questionnaires, surveys, payment modules, interfaces to upload and much more. Now 123contactform is completely free but for advance use you need to buy their product.

Go to website: www.123contactform.com


FormSite - free online-forms

Formsite is specialized in the creation of all kinds of online forms. With this site, you can create registration forms, contact forms, surveys, forms, purchasing, etc. This app also works with a drag and drop interface so it is really easy to use. You can also set deadlines or set a maximum number of submit which is useful if you’re planning to create a survey form.

Go to website: www.formsite.com

Google Docs

googeldocs - free online-forms


Through Google Docs, you can create a complex form in few steps and add infinite elements for each type (text box, paragraph, multiple choice, etc.).  But you need to login on your Google Account to edit that. Once completed, you can save the form, share or download the code to be published on a website.

Go to website: docs.google.com/forms


JotForm - free online-forms

Jotform is well known for generating interactive forms. You can use Jotform without registration, but I recommend to register so that you can save or manage your form online from you Jotform account.

You can create different types of modules: not only contact forms but also modules for the reception of payments, management of surveys and much more. Jotform free version allows 100 submissions, but their premium account has so many features.

Go to website: www.jotform.com


pForm - free online-forms

pForm is a powerful online tool for creating fully automated form. you can choose a skin and place items and customize them. At the end of the work you can simply download the zip file containing the generated module, graphic files and JavaScript required for its operation.

Go to website: www.phpform.org


Response-O-Matic allows you to create feedback forms with ease even if you do not know HTML and no scripting language. To create your own contact form you need to subscribe to the site and follow the steps online. After creating the form, you can use that with HTML and CSS code. From FREE subscription, you can manage a single module with SSL support and anti-spam integrated.

Go to website: www.response-o-matic.com

Do you have any more amazing online form creator in mind. Why don’t give us a heads up at the comment below.

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