7 Javascript resources to manipulate the video original way

More and more sites will highlight through various animations on hover, scroll to the page or simply continuously. To achieve them, it is of course possible to use techniques such as canvas or SVG animations, but the technical barrier is quite heavy: too few resources and too much time needed to obtain a satisfactory result.

And if the video was a backup solution. Whether in natural form or processed in HTML 5 as Gif, it could replace some animations needed for your site!


Gifshot is a Javascript library that transforms a video, an image stack or stream (eg a webcam) in gif, and you can control with Gifplayer.gifshot


Scroll video

This small pen offers a way to manage the video with the scroll position of the page. Down to move forward, to move back up!small pen



Did you dream of being able to tag the background-style video in your CSS instead of background-image? CoverVid is probably what is closest to it at present!CoverVid



FitVids proposes to insert your so responsive videos in your page.FitVids



All those who have already imported video from Youtube know, the default skin is not a model of beauty. PrettyEmbed offers to clean it all just a little.PrettyEmbed


HTML5 Video Voting

Zurb, creators of the Foundation framework, we offer this resource to vote for our favorite part of video thanks to a simple press space bar. It is also possible to view the number of votes thanks to a graph that displays the overview video.HTML5 Video Voting



Bigvideo allows you to put a video in the background of your site without pain and effort.Convenient to a portfolio of video artist!Bigvideo


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