75 Free Business Card PSD Templates

There were those who predicted a few years ago that the business cards would disappear, and no one would reuse once the new digital technologies became popular enough. It is not a strange idea if you go back in time a few years, because back then even I could see smartphones, tablets, and personal computers would be sufficient to share data that normally get in one of these classic cards.

Interestingly, over the time people, not only have continued to using the card, but also customize it according to their needs. Thanks in part to the designs that you can find for free across the Internet. Here we collected many these business cards that you can customize with your own logos and colors, all with a very professional look and PSD format, what more could you ask for? So discover those 75 Free Business Card PSD Templates with us.

PSD template for business

PSD template for businessThis template for business cards in PSD includes space for easily configurable QR code. It is based on three colors, but you can customize to fit any logo colors.

Cards with modern design

Cards with modern designSome cards in blue and black, elegant but modern, white-oriented business field.

Creative and Clean

creative and clean PSD template

Employing ample white space and grid-inspired imagery, the front and back cover of this design template is suggestive of wide open spaces and contemporary artwork.

Blackboard board

Blackboard board psdThis original design mimics the look of a whiteboard, ideal for teachers, research centers and education and the like.

Brown business cards

Brown business cardsCard design with dark brown colors and some retro air.

LoginLogin psd


Card for construction companies

Card for construction companiesAn interesting design for companies related to the world of construction with diagonal lines and dark yellow background.

Multi-colored cards

Multi-colored cardsA card with the simple design but adorned with lines like configurable colors.

Graphic designers

Graphic designersA PSD template for graphic designers

Business Cards

Business Cards A card for companies and agencies in red with vertical stripes.


TechnixA stylish business in blue and gray tones.

Lovely visiting card for Women

Lovely visiting card for WomenA lovely card designed for girls or perhaps female shopping related business.

Black glass

Black glassA PSD template with a dark background with colorful elements highlighting above, with a futuristic and modern look, ideal for technological and professional IT companies.

PSD template for free cardPSD template for free card


Business cards for real estate

Business cards for real estateA template designed for real estate in orange and brown.



Card for SEO experts

Card for SEO expertsIt is designed for SEO experts, but it could well be applied to other areas such as marketing or similar.

Photo cards

Photo cardsThese templates can use them to create cards for related photography and design, highly configurable by simply changing the background photo business.

Cards PSD multi-colored

Cards PSD multi-coloredThis is a pack of 5 similar formats with multi-color designs.

Rainbow Card

Rainbow CardA business card design inspired by the rainbow, ideal for several categories: children’s world, fashion, design, architecture, industry, IT. You can adjust the color scheme to display a different scheme.

Simple visiting card

Simple visiting cardThis is a really simple template based on blue color, for those who want something classic and simple.

Templates of beauty centers business cards

Templates of business cards for beauty centersA pack of 4 designs of business cards for beauty salons, hairdressers and the like.

Multicolored cards

Multicolored cardsThis business card design includes areas with different colors orange, red, green and blue, but can be easily customized. It is designed for companies that want to give a colored and cheerful style.

Cards with QR

Cards with QRThese cards include space reserved for QR codes.

Cards for businessCards for business


Elegant Business Card

Elegant Business CardIf you are looking for elegance evidently, this design is ideal. It includes a combination of modern colors particularly suitable for businesses that want to inspire seriousness.

Brown and white cardsBrown and white cards


Vertical Business Card

Vertical Business CardA template made of a creative scheme colors and vertical format you prefer for this type of design.They are designed both front and back sides evenly. 300 dpi, RGB color format.

Modern enterprise

Modern enterpriseA modern yet serious time in blue design.

Enterprise PSD Template Pack

PSD Template Pack EnterpriseA pack of multiple templates in yellow, black and grayscale.

Business cards with ‘style.’Business cards with 'style'


Card for design studiesCard for design studies


Video clubs Business Cards

videoclubsThis design is specially designed for video clubs, film directors, actors, film production studios, etc.

Cards with clean design

Cards with clean designThese cards are designed for the business world in black, white and green elegant colors. It includes space for QR codes and instructions to create and insert it into the card.

Template for companies and businesses

Template for companies and businessesThis template includes several mockups oriented card companies and businesses in horizontal and vertical format.

Crystal Cards

Crystal CardsA PSD template for the business card with glass effect, several configurable funds.

4 visiting cards for personal use

4 visiting cards for personal useThis pack of 4 templates of business cards for personal.

Personal Business Card Template

Personal Business Card TemplateA, also ideal for professionals of all kinds flat and simple design Personal business card design.

Wood board Visiting Cards

Wood board visiting cardsThese cards are based on designs wood textures, ideal for furniture stores, carpenters, joiners, and the like.

Black Business Card TemplateBlack Business Card


Cards design studio

Cards design studioA really simple while striking colors by combining design.

Card for beauty salons

Card for beauty salonsThis template is ideal for beauty salons, hairdressers and the like.

Business cards for photographers

Business cards for photographersA template for business cards for photographers and multimedia professionals world at large.

Developer Business Card

Developer Business CardWeb developers also need their cards; they are specially designed for them, including some HTML tags or labels.

Cards with modern design

Cards with modern designA very modern design inclined 45 degrees in black, orange and white colors.

PSD cards for floristPSD cards for florist


Retro Business cards

Retro Business cardsThese cards have a somewhat retro design


Abstract PSD ‘Abstract world’ Green Cards.

Business Cards for fashion

Business Cards for fashionA template designed for business and related to the world of fashion designers.

PSD templates freelance cardsPSD templates freelance cards


Clouds PSD TemplateClouds PSD Template


Template for shops and stores

Template for shops and storesThis simple design looks ideal for small businesses and shops, very flat and simple highlighting the name and logo of the company.

Creative Business CardsCreative Business Cards


Cards for florist

Business Cards for floristA template for business cards for florists, wedding and related to the world of flowers.

Transparent business cards

Transparent business cardsA flat transparent visiting card obviously for printing on plastics design. Easily configurable in terms of colors, logo, etc.

Mini Cards

Mini CardsBusiness cards in mini version, with square instead of rectangular.

Cards for technology companies

Cards for technology companiesThis template covers the needs of companies related to the world of technology, with a very elaborate visual design in black and purple.

Business Cards in form of letters

Business Cards in form of lettersSome original business cards with classic form of letters

Black and white

Black and whiteA simple template in elegant black and white and color Basic

Interior Business card

Interior Business cardTemplate for interior design firms

Typography Business Card PSD Template

Typography Business Card PSD TemplateDesign based on several typefaces for web designers, design firms, posters, etc.

Silver cards

Silver cardsAn elegant template with two different formats for the back of the card.

Professional Business Card

Professional Business CardA serious and elegant design for professionals and companies of different themes and categories

Cards pixelated

Cards pixelatedAn interesting for computer professionals, graphic designers and web design.

Colored blocksColored blocks


Grunge Business Card PSD template

Grunge Business Card PSD templateThis business card features a stylish background ‘grunge’, maybe more casual than you usually find, but quite original results, for those who want something different.

Retro card

Retro cardEnterprise template with retro design

Social networking cardsSocial networking cards


Business Cards for graphic designers

Business Cards for graphic designersAn ideal template for graphic designers.

Cards for cafesCards for cafes


Moving and transport

Moving and transportCards for companies related to moving and transport in general.

Colored linesColored lines


Cards with QR code

Cards with QR codeThis template for cards give prominence to a QR code that occupies a prominent center.

Creative Business Card Templates

Creative Business Card TemplatesVisually very configurable template, business and professionals seeking a casual design.

Black PSD Business Cards

Black PSD Business Cards

A black color design based on merging with various colors, providing an interesting visual effect.

Contrast Business CardContrast Business Card

This is a huge list of Business Card PSD Templates. Although all of them are completely free to use please check out their respective sites for license details. And Tell us what is your favorite in the comment blew…

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