8 unusual Google Chrome Alternatives

The big names in the field of Internet browsers are known to every man who often use the Internet. The most popular web browser on Windows is undoubtedly the Internet Explorer as it is installed automatically with any version of Windows. But even the big names of alternative Web browsers are common across the internet: Mozilla’s Firefox, Apple’s Safari, Google’s Chrome. Safari even pre-installed on every Mac, but it is also available for Microsoft Windows. But in addition to the big names in the industry, there are some lesser known browsers that we want to present to you today with a bit more detail.

1. Opera

opera web browserOpera is a viable alternative to the big names in the browser business. The browser is available for all platforms, a Windows, Mac and Linux versions are offered. Besides, the browser also gets in the mobile sector for Android, iOS, and Windows. The appearance and the functionality of the browser can be adjusted to personal needs, and the browser brings as standard with some interesting features that can be integrated with other browsers only through extensions. Standard used, for example, a function for reading news (News), and an organization of bookmarks into folders with on the home page.

Opera browser Download Opera.com

2. Lunascape Orion

lunascapeLunascape Orion is probably the only browser with a triple browser engine: it’s IE (Trident) + Firefox (Gecko) + Safari/Safari (Webkit). What is really interesting is the possibility that existing Firefox add-ons may continue to use without any problem with this triple browser. Lunascape Orion is also available as the German version. Can be changed easily with a button between the browser engines. This browser especially for Web developers that should make it interesting. Each browser engine interprets the existing CSS of a web page a little bit differently, so Web developers need to test your creations known to as many browsers as possible. Lunascape replaced individually installed browsers with the required engine and provides web designers an all-around solution.

The browser is available for Windows, Android, and iOS. A version for Mac OS X is in the works.

Download Lunascape Orion from Lunascape.tv

3. WhiteHat Aviator

Aviator web browserThe Aviator browser should be your first choice when it comes to safeguarding your privacy. With every website that you surf to, big companies are prone to spying your personal information, such as the e-mail address, online banking login information or the levy of your surfing history. Since the popular browsers give little attention to these problems, you might be interested in the Aviator browser. Aviator has its focus on security and the protection of privacy. Aviator is available for Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows.

Download Aviator by whitehatsec.com

4. Citrio

Citrio web browerCitrio is an internet browser that combines many useful programs in themselves. Citrio’s remarkable function is the download manager, which also offers the possibility of downloading videos. Besides, the file download speed should be substantially higher than other browsers. Furthermore Citrio provides additional, integrated programs such as a bit-torrent client and a proxy switcher. The Proxy Switcher widget guarantee anonymity on the Internet and provide full access to otherwise geographically limited services such as Youtube. You can get Citrio-browser for Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows.

Download Citrio of citrio.com

5. Midori

midori browserIf you are using an older computer or an older laptop, you will have perhaps found that browsers require quite a bit of RAM. The solution to this problem is Midori and it is a lightweight, low resource browser which is a good alternative to the known browsers. Who uses his Internet browser only for some research, otherwise checked only e-mail service and use a little social media, is likely to be happy with this browser. Midori is available for Linux and Windows; a Mac OS X version does not exist. However, the mobile version of Midori also be used with the Mac.

Download Midori from midori-browser.org

6. Microsoft Spartan

spartan browser microsoftMicrosoft’s new browser Spartan is not officially available for download. However, if you registered for the Insider program, you can already get as part of the Windows 10 Technical Preview. Spartan is now to replace the Internet Explorer for more than 20 years. One of the biggest innovations is the annotation function, with the notes to make it on websites. This is done via keyboard input, touch or stylus pen. The annotated sites should be saved as a copy in Microsoft’s cloud service OneDrive and can be shared with friends and colleagues. Please note that the browser is still in beta and should not be used as the default browser.

Download Microsoft Spartan

7. Vivaldi

vivaldi web browserThe Vivaldi Browser is a new project of Jon von Tetzchner, the former CEO of Opera. The new browser is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux but is still in its infancy. Already, the browser offers several features that should be familiar to former Opera users. Mouse gestures, a window for quick selection of frequently used websites and combining multiple tabs in one are the key features.

Download Vivaldi from vivaldi.com

8. Maxthon

maxthon web browserThe Maxthon browser is described by its developers as unique. As engine Webkit and Trident are used to ensure efficiency and speed. Maxthon is supposed to be the browser with the best HTML5 support. With the built-cloud feature Web content and data may be used between the devices. Tabs are synchronized and sharing files and photos is not a problem. However, an account is required for the cloud functionality, which you can create with an email address and password, or by phone. You can get the browser to Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Download Maxthon


Alternative browsers have their place as alternative diets, life philosophies and so on. Competition is good for business. There is a fitting for every product. Personally, I find the Citrio browser very interesting. But the other alternatives are worth a closer look. For older computers with low resources, Midori is a good choice.

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