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Colors play crucial roles in the whole web design process. But creating coherent and harmonious color combinations is not an easy task. There are many color palette generators that will help you to find the right color combinations. But the question is which one will help you create best color scheme without sweating. So we have created a list of 5 best color palette generators.

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Best Color Palette Generators


Adobe Color CC

adobe kuler - best color palette generatorAdobe Color CC is the most popular color tool, which anyone can use free of charge – without even Adobe ID registration. First, decide on a color rule. So that you can specify whether you want to use, for example, monochromatic or complementary colors. There are seven rules that combine colors to different combination.

Depending on the color rules movable points on the color wheel might appear differently. These points only move relatively to each other. In the triad rule points are arranged in a way so that the angle between the points is always the same. In the complementary colors, the points are always opposite. This actually increases productivity via bringing out more color combination very quickly.

You can choose a base color, and other colors will adjust according to that. You can specify each color via the search box or slider or enter RGB or hexadecimal units. You can also pick the color combination via uploading an image.

As a registered user you can save color schemes and access them anytime you want.


paletton best color palette generator

Paletton also works very similar to the Adobe Color CC. Again, you have to set a rule. Besides monochromatic colors, you can choose between adjacent, triad and free style rules.

The color wheel is divided into two at Paletton. On the outer ring, you define the basic colors and inside you set the brightness of the colors and the contrast of the secondary colors to primary colors. You have to choose a base color, and other colors will adjust to it. For each color theme, a custom URL is created, so that you can always call your compiled colors back and edit it. You can randomize the color palette which is useful if you are out of ideas.

Paletton doesn’t have the ability to take a color scheme from an image. And it also has very annoying Google ads, but that’s the downside of using a free application.


Colour code

colourcode best color palette generator

Those who prefer working without a color wheel will love the Color Code. In this application, you can define any number of colors by moving the mouse within a field. Depending on the movement of the color value it varies. If you found a color that you like, you can save them by clicking. In this way, you can imagine all the colors together on for your concept.

Color Code has 9 different color rules ranging from monochromatic to quad colors. In each case, you can select a basic color. All the other colors are determined according to the selected base color.

After creating your color scheme, you can download it as a Less, Sass, and PNG file format. You can also create an online permalink to share it with others.

Colour Code project is also available on the Github in case you want to contribute to it.



coolors palette generator

Coolors is also works without a color wheel. Instead, colors are defined using the slider. There you can customize five different colors. You have the ability to change the hue, saturation, brightness, and temperature of all five colors.

It is also possible to protect individual colors from changing. In this case, that color remains unchanged while you change, for example, the saturation of other colors.

While other tools suggest complete color schemes, you need to define your own colors in Coolors tools. Or pick up a color scheme from an image. However, it is really easy to change color and make it lighter or darker with this tool.

Coolors has a bunch of addons if you want to use it with Adobe and Mac or Android devices. They also have really cool color scheme library for the inspirations.

You can import color scheme as SVG, PNG, PDF or SCSS file. They also give you a online permalink for sharing.


Multicolr Search Lab

Multicolr color palette generator

Multicolr took an entirely different approach to create a color scheme. Here you can define up to five colors and the tools check it against 20 million creative commons images to find the best match. This tool is an interesting complement to the other applications and with that, you can easily get to your color palette.

All of those color palette generators are well known and completely free. But tell us in the comment which one you prefer the most.

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