Business Card Design: How to Accurately Represent Your Brand – Infographic

27.3 million business cards get printed per day, but of those, 24.6 million will get thrown in the garbage by the end of the week. What made the difference between the cards that got tossed and those that didn’t? Design. One in ten business cards succeeds because its designer understands what makes a business card work.

If you want your business card to become part of that one in ten success rate, you need to learn all the best tips and tricks for creating a memorable business card that will leave your clients saying, “Wow!”

The card design specialists from Company Folders have rounded up their best tips for making a truly great business card. They’ll teach you all about the latest and greatest design options like imprint methods and die-cuts, plus what information works best for your card (and what you can skip).

perfect business card design

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