Discover BOOLR, a digital logic circuit simulator

Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Boole logic and algebra with the free BOOLR software.

The world of Applied Mathematics and Boolean Algebra, in general, is a subject that I find fascinating. Whether for the anachronistic aspect of this creation (the mathematician George Boole created the Boolean algebra in 1854, it was used in a “practical” way for the first time in 1938, more than 80 years later). Opportunity to understand more deeply the operation of a computer, or just to see life differently, I would advise everyone to look into this topic.

Only problem: the subject may seem somewhat arid and cryptic at first. Fortunately, there are fun and sexy solutions to simplify the approach, such as BOOLR.boolr cover


Understanding Boolean algebra with BOOLR

BOOLR is an open source digital logic simulator built in Electrons. In a nutshell, a digital logic simulator is a software for building and animating logic circuits.

Its creators are three Dutch students, who have created the software for their end of year project. As they say themselves, the project is not really usable in production, but their simulator is fully functional, and they have used it to build an entirely programmable computer (the board is available on their website or at this site) address).


Note in passing that although the subject is quite technical, the software offers a tutorial and it is possible to find documentation on Boolean algebra literally everywhere on the internet. Besides, you will see examples of functional circuits on the BOOLR site.boolr tutor


Who can it interest?

Obviously, BOOLR is not software that you can use in production, so it must be limited to educational and recreational use. Whether you are a fan, an Arduino enthusiast, or just curious in general, this software will allow you to have a great time.

You do not have time for this kind of games; you are not the target of Boolr? Still, I’m sure you know at least a few people around you who might be: Minecraft players! So share this article with your knowledge spending their nights tweaking mechanisms with Redstone and levers, I’m sure they can play a little crazy.

boolr wicraft


BOOLR is an electron software; it is available for Windows, Macs, and Linux. Nice, functional, available on all platforms and free.

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