Document your next project with Wiki-js

Today, I propose to you to discover a Wiki engine extremely easy to install to create the documentation for your next project.


To document project, the preferred solution for developers is often an automatic generator, which allows you to create documentation by extracting comments from the code itself. If this solution is perfect for documenting an API, for larger public projects the needs are different, and the human hand is needed to write the documentation.

If you are in this second case and you are looking for a tool to allow you to set up your documentation, then let me introduce Wiki-js.

wiki js

Although it was initially made to create Wiki, this Node.js application very simple to install is for me one of the best solution currently available to create a complete documentation simply. Markdown management, images and other assets, comprehensive search, the necessary features are present and work well.

search images features


To learn more or install, I suggest you spend on their documentation, of course, it itself is made with Wikijs .

wikijs doc example


Wiki.js is open source and free, so I encourage you to have a look at their Github repository.


github wikijs

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