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What If You Could Learn Anything in ONE MONTH?

One Month is a brilliant gateway to build interest in coding and Mattan’s communication is clear and precise, but Hartl will push you technically and fuel further interest.

Offer Details

One Month is an e-learning platform from which you can learn about Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, Growth Hacking, iOS, Web Security and Programming for Non-Programmers. Their motto is to teach you coding within one month. OneMonth video tutorials are really easy to follow which comes with good resources.

Now OneMonth offer 10% discount for “www.webuilddesign” readers. But this offer only valid for the first month.

How to Apply

Snag 10% discount at One Month by visiting: https://onemonth.com/discount/webuilddesign and following the instructions.

Few words about OneMonth

onemonth founder Chris and mattanAccording to Wikipedia OneMonth, started their journey on 1st June, 2013 by Chris Castiglione and Mattan Griffel. So it is relatively new compared to other e-learning platforms like codeschool and teamtreehouse. But they have shown rapid growth over the last one and half year as they have already acquired www.gorails.com. Currently, they have 12 full courses covering web design, programming and marketing. Most of their courses are designed for newbie as they slowly help you to become an expert.

OneMonth has limited number of courses, but all of them are really good. Their highest rated course is Ruby on Rails and that was their first course. One Month Rails an A+ – mostly because their fantastic support system. With One Month you will have a clear and concise knowledge about Rails and that will help you to build and run a live app in a matter of days.

To quote from one of their student about one month rails review:

One Month Rails is amazing and I could truly not speak more highly of the class.

Most unique feature in my opinion is that as a student you can directly ask questions to your instructor via email.

Main disadvantages of One Month is that their price is little higher than other e-learning websites. But this is really worth it and, in that case, our 10% discount at OneMonth might come handy.

They can also add quiz section with each course which will help people to learn and practice it easily

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