Exporting assets in record time with Sketch 3

sketech 3 data exportThe Sketch is a tool for Mac specialized in the design of interfaces. It is famous for avoiding complications and have a particular workflow for those involved in the design web, mobile applications, and digital media icons.

It offers much more quick and easy solutions; providing clean interfaces that focus on creativity and design. In fact, it was intended to achieve excellent results with little effort.

Creating interfaces in Sketch is a unique experience, and we can export complete designs or its elements both standard resolution and for retina display in record time!

This article will show you three different ways to do it.

1. Direct selection

Open your file, select the items you want to export and go to the menu File and click on Export. Another option is to go to the icon Export in the toolbar. You can also export all artboards from the menu Export from the toolbar. There, you’ll make a final selection.

If you want to add a new artboard to the existing document, you should only select it and add it to the list of items by clicking the plus icon (+) located next to the label export. So when you want to export again, you just have to click on Export and Sketch include artboard you added.

2. Drag and Drop

This method is simple, fast and efficient. It consists dragging the artboard to the desktop and voila! The files will be exported in PNG format automatically. If you want to change the extension, just press the key option when you drop them on your desktop.

3. Exports by cuts

This last methodology is based on sections to export our project. To achieve this, you need only click on Insert in the toolbar. Then click on Slice and select one by one the elements you want to export.

If you previously worked with Photoshop and Illustrator, this method will be familiar and easier to understand. It bears their name because you can also create a section with the elements you want to export, as if you were cutting the artboard.

Whatever option you chose, then you must go to the menu Export, select the resolution and the file extension. Finally, click on Export.

This is just a small part of what you can do with this tool. If you are interested in working with the sketch 3 you should also check out:

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