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Java is one of the most diverse Object oriented programming language and it is always evolving. It is vital to be keep up with new Java techniques. Here are 13 free Ebooks for Java that might help you. All of those Ebooks are in PDF format. Enjoy!

1. Introducing Java 8

introducing java 8 free ebooksA quick-start guide to Lambdas and Streams

Java SE 8 is perhaps the largest change to Java in its history, led by its flagship feature—lambda expressions. If you’re an experienced developer looking to adopt Java 8 at work, this short guide will walk you through all of the major changes before taking a deep dive into lambda expressions and Java 8’s other big feature: the Streams API.

Author Raoul-Gabriel Urma explains how improved code readability and support for multicore processors were the prime movers behind Java 8 features. He’ll quickly get you up to speed on new classes including CompleteableFuture and Optional, along with enhanced interfaces and the new Date and Time API. You’ll also:

  • Understand why lambda expressions are considered a kind of anonymous function
  • Learn how lambda expressions and the behavior parameterization pattern let you write flexible and concise code
  • Discover various operations and data processing patterns possible when using the Streams API
  • Use Collector recipes to write queries that are more sophisticated
  • Consider factors such as data size and the number of cores available when using streams in parallel
  • Work with a practical refactoring example to bring lambda expressions and streams into focus

Author: Raoul-Gabriel Urma

2. Java Interview Questions and Answers

java interview question and answer free ebookA must read eBook before any Java interview; it contains more than 250 questions with detailed answers. This 62 pages eBook contains all the important Java interview questions in follow area:

  1. Core Java Basics
  2. String
  3. Collections
  4. Multithreading
  5. Exception Handling
  6. Programming tests

Author: Pankaj Kumar

3. JPA Mini Book

JPA mini ebookOne of the problems of Object Orientation is how to map the objects as the database requires. JPA allows us to work with Java classes as it provides a transparent layer to each database specific details; JPA will do the hard work of mapping table to class structure and semantics for the developer.

Learn how to leverage the power of JPA to create robust and flexible Java applications. With this Mini Book, you will get introduced to JPA and smoothly transition to more advanced concepts.

Author: Hebert Coelho

4. Java Concurrency Essentials

java concurrency ebookConcurrency is always a challenge for developers and writing concurrent programs can be extremely hard. There is a number of things that could potentially blow up and the complexity of systems rises considerably when concurrency is introduced. However, the ability to write robust concurrent programs is a great tool in a developer’s belt and can help build sophisticated, enterprise level applications.

In this course, you will dive into the magic of concurrency. You will be introduced to the fundamentals of concurrency and concurrent code and you will learn about concepts like atomicity, synchronization and thread safety. As you advance, the following lessons will deal with the tools you can leverage, such as the Fork/Join framework, the java.util.concurrent JDK package. To sum those up, you will learn about testing concurrent applications.

Author: Martin Mois

5. JSF 2.0 Programming Cookbook

jsf 2.0 free ebookJavaServer Faces (JSF) is a Java specification for building component-based user interfaces for web applications. JSF 2 uses Facelets as its default templating system. Other view technologies such as XUL can also be employed. In contrast, JSF 1.x uses JavaServer Pages (JSP) as its default templating system.

In this book, you will dive into the magic of JSF. You will gain access to several “recipes” that will help you perform common tasks and operations with JSF. Leveraging those, you will be able to start your own projects in no time!

Author: Martin Mois

6. JUnit Tutorial for Unit Testing

junit free ebookA unit can be a function, a class, a package, or a subsystem. So, the term unit testing refers to the practice of testing such small units of your code, so as to ensure that they work as expected. For example, we can test whether an output is what we expected to see given some inputs or if a condition is true or false.

The most popular testing framework in Java is JUnit and we have provided plenty of JUnit tutorials. Now, we decided to gather all the JUnit features in one detailed guide for your convenience. We hope you like it!

Author: Konstantina Dimtsa

7. Java Design Patterns – A Programmers Approach

java design patterns ebookDesign Patterns are meant to solve specific problem scenarios. They are divided into three categories – Creational, Structural and Behavioral. Learn 23 Design Patterns in Java with a lot of examples and less of boring theoretical stuffs in this 130 page eBook.

8. Java EE: Spring Framework Tutorial

spring Framework Tutorial - ebooksSpring is the most widely used Java EE Web application framework. It’s built on the principles of Dependency Injection and Aspect Oriented Programming. It’s an open source framework, and the best part is the different modules for integration with other frameworks, such as Spring ORM, Spring MVC etc. This article lists more than 20 tutorials written by Pankaj Kumar for different components of Spring framework. The articles are in the order and serves as a great resource for the newbie as well as experienced ones. All the project comes with downloadable projects that you can use to learn more. Also, the projects are tested with latest Spring 4 versions and provide XML as well as annotation based configuration details

9. Java Server Pages (JSP) Tutorial

Java Server Pages tutorialA great tutorial for anyone looking to learn about Java Server Pages.

Contents Include:

  • Getting Started with JSP
  • JSP Implicit Objects
  • JSP Directives
  • JSP Expression Language
  • JSTL Tutorial with Examples – JSTL Core Tags

10. Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) Tutorial

java database connectivityJava Database Connectivity (JDBC) API provides database-independent connectivity framework between Java applications and Relational Database servers such as MySQL and Oracle.

You will learn the following topics in this 50 page eBook.

  1. JDBC Overview and it’s important features
  2. JDBC Statement and PreparedStatement
  3. JDBC Batch Processing
  4. JDBC DataSource and Apache DBCP
  5. JDBC Transaction Management and Savepoint

11. Java Servlet Tutorial Cookbook

java servlet tutorial free ebookJava Servlets are the base of any java web application. In this 55 pages eBook, you will learn

  1. Java Web Application Basics
  2. Java Servlet Basics
  3. Servlet API Hierarchy and important annotations
  4. Servlet Filters
  5. Servlet Listeners

You will learn by writing programs and gain understanding concepts quickly. You can also download the sample projects and extend it for better understanding.

12. Getting Started with Java EE Security

java EE SecurityThese capabilities include authentication, authorization, data integrity and transport security. Other topics covered in this Refcard include Web Module, EJB and Application Client security, securing Java EE Web Services, Hot Tips and more. Highly recommended reading for Java EE users and Java enthusiasts of all kinds.

Contents Include:

  • Security in Java EE Applications
  • Web Module Security
  • EJB Module Security
  • Application Client Security
  • Securing Java EE Web Services

13. Apache Jakarta Commons: Reusable Java Components

Apache Jakarta Commons free ebooksUsing the Apache Jakarta Commons: Reusable Java™ Components, you can leverage the work of the global open-source community to solve common programming problems reliably, quickly, and inexpensively. But, to use the Commons libraries effectively, you need far more guidance than the official documentation offers. In Apache Jakarta Commons: Reusable Java™ Components, Will Iverson covers what Java developers need to know to take full advantage of Jakarta Commons–starting right now.

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