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HTML6 is right around the corner. But it is high time you have a clear idea all about the HTML5. This free eBook will help you with that.

get started with html5

Everybody is using it HTML5. It’s being heralded as the savior of the Internet, allowing people to create rich, engaging web pages without resorting to using Flash and Shockwave. But what actually is it?

Well, that’s not an easy question to answer. HTML5 is used to describe a really diverse group of things. It’s a standard of writing web pages. It’s a collection of APIs. It’s a new way of adding interactivity to web pages. HTML5 is all that and more. So what’s this book about?

The aim of this guide is not to teach you the entirety of HTML5. That would be entirely out of the scope of this book. The aim is to provide a gentle introduction to these amazing new web technologies, and to show you some cool ways of incorporating them into your websites.

Disclaimer: This free eBook is part of a third party affiliate program and provided by the MakeUseOf.

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