Imprint Methods: Know the Basics of Printing – Infographic

The phrase “imprint methods” refers to all the different ways designs can be printed. The five most standard imprint methods are four color process, PMS printing, foil stamping, embossing, and debossing.

Of course, knowing how these imprint methods work and when to use each one can be a challenge if you’ve spent most of your time on web designs. It’s easy to make a mistake, like trying to foil stamp an intricate design or emboss a thick paper stock. If you want to avoid these costly errors, it’s best to learn about printing from the professionals.

The experienced print designers at Company Folders know that no two projects are alike. Each design you work on will need a different imprint method, different color options, and a different paper stock to make it come to life. That’s why they’ve created a three-part guide to understanding imprint methods. You’ll learn what to use and when—and you’ll get to see new examples of designs well done.

basics of printing

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