JSRobot: This cute game brings you playful Javascript

jsrobot javascript game

This lovingly designed Jump ‘n’ Run game JSRobot brings you playful Javascript. How this works, you’ll learn in our game tip.


JSRobot: Javascript learning game in the browser

2D platformers are classics of the video game genre. The browser game JSRobot combines the concept that also made Mario successful with learning game elements. The goal: to transport a small blue robot to the respective level output. But instead of controlling the robot directly, you have to give commands with the help of Javascript.


JSRobot: Screenshots of the javascript learning game

jsrobot javascript gameplay

Below the actual JSRobot level, displays four tabs. The first is for explanation and gives you helpful hints to master the level and thus the basics of Javascript. In the second tab, you can then write your actual scripts, which ideally lead to the robot reaching the end of the level. In the third tab, you can also enter and execute individual commands. Finally, there is also a Properties tab in which the health of the character but also all available methods are listed.


JSRobot: fun game for Javascript beginners

JSRobot is a fun way to get started with Javascript. For an advanced coder, however, the game offers no real challenge, especially since there are not too many levels. If you are interested take a look at the source code of the game, which the developer Reaal Khalil published on Github.

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