Meaning of different colors for web design

color meaning

  1. Introduction
  2. The meaning of colors
    1. White
    2. Yellow
    3. Orange
    4. Red
    5. Purple
    6. Blue
    7. Green
    8. Black
  3. Table of properties of colors
  4. Table of sensations
  1. Introduction:

    The color is a part of the light spectrum, and, at last, is vibrational energy.

    This energy affects humans differently depending on its wavelength (color in particular) producing different sensations which are normally unaware.

    But the people working in marketing and advertising agencies, image consultants companies, industrial and fashion designers, etc., are well aware of this, and use the colors to associate coherently to the type of product you want to get .

    The thing, how could it be otherwise, it works. For years, there have been all kinds of tests to analyze the feelings that suggest the colors and there is enough literature.

    What is a website if no personal showcase, business, community, etc.? Besides many other functions that each site can have, above all attempts to communicate and do it with words, images, and in the first instance, with colors.

    When a website is designed by professionals with solid knowledge of graphic design, usually followed patterns with colors are not random.

    We will then show the properties of the generally accepted basic colors. There may be discrepancies as authors, but basically, almost everyone agrees.meaning of different colors

  2. The meaning of colors:

    • White is associated with light, goodness, innocence, purity and virginity. He is considered the color of perfection.
    • White means safety, purity and cleanliness. Unlike the black, white usually has a positive connotation. It may represent a lucky start.
    • In heraldry, white depicts faith and purity.
    • In advertising, white is associated with coolness and cleanliness because it is the color of snow. In promoting high-tech products, white can be used to communicate simplicity.
    • It is an appropriate color for charitable organizations. For an indirect association, angels are usually depicted them as images dressed in white robes.
    • White is associated with hospitals, doctors and sterility. It can, therefore be used to suggest to advertise medical products or are directly related to health.
    • It is often associated with weight loss, low-calorie products, and dairy products.
    • Yellow symbolizes sunshine. It represents joy, happiness, intelligence and energy.
    • The yellow suggests the effect of warm, causes joy, stimulates mental activity and generates muscle energy. Often it is associated to food.
    • The pure and bright yellow is a claim for attention, so often that taxis are this color in some cities. In excess, it can have a disturbing, unsettling effect. It is known that babies cry more in yellow rooms.
    • When several colors are placed in opposition to black, yellow is the first attention is fixed. Therefore, the yellow and black combination is used to highlight warnings or care claims.
    • In heraldry, yellow represents honor and loyalty.
    • In recent times the yellow it is also associated with cowardice.
    • We recommend using yellow to elicit pleasant, cheerful feelings. It is well suited to promote products for children and for leisure.
    • For its effectiveness to attract attention, it is useful to highlight the most important aspects of a web page.
    • Men usually are yellow and very casual, so it is not recommended to promote expensive, prestigious or specific products for men. No businessman would buy an expensive watch with yellow strap.
    • Yellow is a spontaneous, color variable, so is not suitable for suggesting safety and stability.
    • The pale yellow tends to fade into white, so it is often convenient to use an edge or dark to highlight the occasion. However, it is not advisable to use a shadow unattractive because they do lose the joy and make it sordid.
    • The pale yellow dreary and represents caution, decay, sickness and envy or jealousy.
    • EL light yellow represents intelligence, originality and joy.
    • Orange combines the energy of red with the happiness of yellow. It is associated with joy, sunshine, and the tropics.
    • Represents enthusiasm, happiness, attraction, creativity, determination, success, encouragement and stimulation.
    • It is a very hot color, so it produces warm feeling. However, is not an aggressive orange color such as red.
    • The orange color vision produces the sensation of more oxygen to the brain, producing an invigorating and stimulating mental activity effect.
    • It is a color that fits well with young people, so it is highly recommended to communicate with them.
    • Citrus color is associated with healthy food and stimulates appetite. It is very suitable for promoting food products and toys
    • It is the color of leaf fall and harvest.
    • In heraldry, orange represents the strength and endurance.
    • The Orange has very high visibility, so it is very useful to attract attention and highlight the most important aspects of a website.
    • Orange combines the energy of red with the happiness of yellow. It is associated with joy, sunshine, and the tropics.
    • The dark orange may suggest deception and distrust.
    • The reddish orange evokes desire, sexual passion, pleasure, domination, desire for action and aggression
    • The gold creates a feeling of prestige. The gold means wisdom, clarity of ideas, and wealth. Often the gold represents high quality.
    • The red color is fire and blood, so it is associated with danger, war, power, strength, determination as well as passion, desire and love.
    • It is a very emotionally intense color. Enhances human metabolism increases the respiration rate and raises blood pressure.
    • It has a very high visibility, which is often used in important notices, prohibitions and calls for caution.
    • Bring the text or images with this color first highlighting them up over other colors. It is highly recommended to route people to make quick decisions while staying on a website.
    • In advertising red to evoke erotic feelings is used. Symbols like red lips or nails, shoes, dresses, etc., are archetypes in the suggestive visual communication.
    • Red is the color for danger par excellence.
    • As it is closely related to energy, it is very suitable to advertise cars motorcycles, energy drinks, games, sports and risk.
    • In heraldry, red symbolizes courage and bravery. It is a color widely used in the flags of many countries.
    • The clear red symbolizes joy, sensuality, passion, love and tenderness.
    • Pink evokes romance, love and friendship. Represents feminine qualities and passiveness.
    • The dark red evokes energy, vigor, anger, willpower, anger, rage, malice, courage, leadership. In another sense, it also represents longing.
    • Evokes brown represents male qualities and stability.
    • The reddish brown is associated with leaf fall and harvesting.
    • Purple brings the stability of blue and the energy of red.
    • It is associated with royalty and symbolizes power, nobility, luxury and ambition. Suggests wealth and extravagance.
    • The Color Purple is also associated with wisdom, creativity, independence, dignity.
    • There are polls that indicate which is the preferred 75% of children before adolescence color. The purple represents magic and mystery.
    • Because it is a rare color in nature, some people think that is an artificial color.
    • The bright purple is ideal for women designs rigid color. It is also well suited to promote items aimed at children.
    • The light purple produces nostalgic and romantic feelings.
    • The dark purple evokes melancholy and sadness. You can produce feelings of frustration.
    • Blue is the color of sky and sea, which is usually associated with stability and depth.
    • Represents loyalty, trust, wisdom, intelligence, faith, truth and eternal heaven.
    • He is considered a beneficial color for both body and mind. Slows metabolism and produces a calming effect. It is a color strongly associated with tranquility and calmness.
    • In heraldry, blue symbolizes sincerity and piety.
    • It is well suited to present related to cleaning (personal, household or industrial) products, and everything related directly to:
      • The sky (airlines, airports)
      • Air (conditioners skydiving)
      • The sea (cruises, vacations and water sports)
      • The water (mineral water, water parks, spas)
    • It is appropriate to promote high-tech products and high precision.
    • As opposed to emotionally warm colors like red, orange and yellow, blue is a cool color linked to intelligence and consciousness.
    • Blue is a typically masculine color, very well accepted by men, so in general it will be a good color to associate these products.
    • However, you should avoid for food and related products cuisine in general, because it is an appetite suppressant.
    • When used together with warm colors (yellow, orange), the mixture is often striking. It may be advisable to produce impact alteration.
    • The light blue is associated with health, healing, understanding, smoothness and quietness.
    • The dark blue represents knowledge, integrity, reliability and power.
    • Green is the color of nature par excellence. Represents harmony, growth, exuberance, fertility and freshness.
    • It has a strong relationship on an emotional level with security. So in contrast to red (connotation of danger), is used in the sense of “free hand” in signaling.
    • The dark green also has a social correspondence with money.
    • The green has great healing power. It is the most relaxing to the human eye and can help improve eyesight.
    • Green suggests stability and endurance.
    • Sometimes it is also associated with lack of experience: “It is very green” to describe a rookie, is used in several languages, not just Spanish.
    • In heraldry, green represents growth and hope.
    • We recommend using the green associated with medical or drug products.
    • By its association with nature is ideal for promoting gardening products, rural tourism, outdoor activities or organic products.
    • The dull green and dark, by association money, is ideal for promoting financial products, banking and economy.
    • Green “Water” is associated with the protection and emotional healing.
    • The yellowish green is associated with disease, discord, cowardice and envy.
    • Dark green is associated with ambition, greed, greed and envy.
    • The olive green is the color of peace.
    • The black represents power, elegance, formality, death and mystery.
    • It is the most enigmatic color and is associated with fear and the unknown (“the future looks very black”, “black holes” …).
    • The black also represents authority, strength, intransigence. It is also associated with the prestige and seriousness.
    • In heraldry, black represents the pain and grief.
    • In a web page can give the impression of elegance, and increases the sense of depth and perspective. However, it is not advisable to use it as background because it decreases readability.
    • It is known the effect of making people thinner when wearing black clothes. For the same reason it can help reduce the effect variegation of content areas, properly used as background.
    • Typically use in museums, galleries and collections of photos online, because it makes a lot highlight other colors. Contrasts nicely with bright colors.
    • Combined with vivid and powerful as orange or red, produces an aggressive and vigorous effect.
  3. Table of properties of colors:

    In the following table we will summarize for the main colors, which symbolize and its psychological effect or therapeutic action, both positive and negative:

    Color Meaning S u use makes Produces excess
    WHITE Purity, innocence, optimism Purifies the mind to higher levels
    LAVENDER Balance Help spiritual healing Tired and disoriented
    SILVER Peace, toughness Remove ailments and diseases
    GRAY Stability It inspires creativity
    symbolizes success
    YELLOW Intelligence, encouraging, warmth, caution, innovation Helps mental stimulation
    clarifies a confused mind
    Produce depletion
    generates too much mental activity
    ORO Fortress Strengthens the body and spirit Too strong for many people
    ORANGE Energy It has a pleasant effect of warmth
    Boosts immunity and power
    Increases anxiety
    RED Energy, vitality, power, strength, passion, courage, aggressive, impulsive Used to enhance the body’s metabolism with excitement and passion
    helps overcome depression
    Increases anxiety, agitation, tension
    PURPLE Serenity Useful for mental problems and nervous Negative thoughts
    BLUE Truth, serenity, harmony, loyalty, sincerity, responsibility Calms the mind
    dispels fears
    Depression, grief, sorrow
    INDIGO Truth It helps clear the way for Spiritual Awareness Headache
    GREEN Inexperienced, wealthy, jealousy, moderate, balanced, traditional Equanimity Useful for nervous exhaustion
    balances emotions
    revitalizes the spirit
    stimulates compassion
    Creates negative energy
    BLACK Silence, elegance, power Paz. Silence Distant, intimidating
  4. Table of sensations:

    Now let’s raise the inverse exercise: suppose that we are designing a new website. And suppose that in certain situations we suggest, promote certain feelings among our visitors. Table schematize as:

    Feeling Colours Samples
    Warmth, warmth Warm colors associated with fire: Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow
    Fascination, emotion The golden yellow leaves a lasting, bright, strong feeling.
    Surprise Garnet, surprisingly little used.
    Femininity The variety of shades of pink and lavender around
    Drama Dark, powerful Verde.
    Naturalness Subtle shades of gray and green
    Masculinity Brown, tanned skin and blue
    Youth Saturated, bright, extreme, with maximum contrast colors
    Serenity Cool shades, from violet to green
    Freshness Neutral tones of violet blue and gray

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