NEW Graphic Design Marketplace and Bundle Site Launched!

design bundleWith the launch of Design Bundles – you’ve got to ask yourself the question… Are you a good designer or a great designer? There are plenty of good designers out there but what makes them truly great is the tools they use.

Design Bundles have launched an extensive Graphic Design Marketplace to rival some of the best. With graphic design resources such as textures, backgrounds, graphics, icons, mock ups and more. They also have a range of free design resources available to download as well, so you can try before you buy.

On top of all that, they are dedicated to saving you tonnes of money! They have regular Graphic Design Bundles of items which are heavily reduced in price, with up to 96% off!! How great is that?

So whether you have a modest budget or a bigger budget you are sure to find some great resources helping you to become a world class designer.


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