Old Paper : Vintage backgrounds patterns

Each week we try to share best free resources available for the web designers and developers. Today I am sharing 20 beautiful free vintage background patterns called old paper. It has:

  • Old mail thick paper with handwritten numbers and streaks,
  • Textured corrugated paper yellowish;
  • Pink construction paper with hair streaked;
  • Rough piece of cardboard with torn jagged edges;
  • Relatively glossy paper with dark patches of spots;
  • Imitation of old paper scrolls with characteristic calcined at the edges;
  • Brown paper packing;
  • Old paper with a surface;
  • A light sheet with a small vintage pattern;
  • Sheet with tattered edges;
  • Sheet with burned edges and straight broken wireline;
  • paper to large splashes of horsehair;
  • Cardboard with fine texture;
  • Paper coffee stains and with a curved edge;
  • Crumpled sheet of paper;
  • paper with unusual longitudinal broken wire;
  • Cardboard in dark partitions.free vintage background pattern

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