Pure CSS Mason Jars

A wonderful Pure CSS Mason Jars Shape created by pure CSS & HTML. Here is the code: HTML


  You can find this mason jar border code also in codepen.io

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Great Designers

We’ll take a look at some designers and how their work still impacts us to this very day. Know that all of these mediums are a little bit different. Whether it be architecture, print, or film, simply pay attention to the solutions they’ve designed and created. First up, we have...

Understanding Different Types of Design

Almost as far back as we can date, humans have designed shelters to live in.We strategically design structures to accommodate our needs.Dating back to the first century AD, there is a writing called the De Architectura by the Roman architect, Vitruvius who categorized architecture into three principles. The first principle,...

What is Good Web Design

What is Web Design?

Whether you’re aware of it or not, design is all around us. The word design can mean many things to many people. Let’s start off by breaking down the word design. Design is a noun meaning the creation or construction of an object or a system. It can be referred...


Inspirational Quotes On Design

Motivational and Inspirational Quotes for creative design is necessary.  A work with passion, creativity, intellect and love comes from inspirations. As a newbie designer some of the great quotes inspired my. I am sharing those with you…   Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is...


Overtime Pay For Technology Workers

Although this is about technology workers this is true about any workers in any sector. So who’s entitled to overtime in simple graphics. In this case technology workers and freelancers suffers of not getting overtime pay. Mis-classification: Technology companies often mis-classify workers as an independent contractors or exempt salaried employees...


Brankic1979 Glyphs Icons

A very handy brankic1979 glyphs icons free for you to use. You can use it any you can imagine of. 350 px icons in zip files download and create awesome web design… Preview: courtesy of  brankic1979.com