Powerful tools for professional web publishers

The editorial work for the web has very powerful tools that can make your work more professional and efficient, Haroopad is one of them.

In the job as editor of web content you meet dozens of tools to do so, some work better than others, but the end result is the same or similar.

The main problem is not that we write but where we post, as most distribution systems current contents have graphical editors in which one can create formatted content, therefore many people choose to use any text editor such as Libre Office Writer or Microsoft Word, including Google Docs works, but what if our content should be published in a system with an editor that does not support the format of our content? What would happen is that our content should be formatted again (usually happen, for example, created content from Google Docs), this long can become cumbersome and inefficient, especially if your main job is to write content.

An editor for Publishers

Haroopad arrives with the idea of being a powerful system for creating content with exclusive support for Markdown (lightweight markup language) , so we can write content (like this) with incredible ease, this editor is cross-platform and can be defect resulting Linux, Mac and Windows.

When you open the editor we have a screen like this:


What we will see is the text editor on the left, the preview on the right, a counter of lines and words on the bottom left and the respective menus are very similar to those of normal editor options, with the difference that most options are focused on inserting text in Markdown format.

Features Haroopad

  • Github Flavored: Haroopad has compatibility with the version used by Github Markdown  for documentation included highlighting the original Markdown syntax does not provide.
  • Output in HTML / CSS format: our document in Markdown is not as readable for anyone, so if we need to publish or post our content, we can do it in HTML with CSS styles, exporting from the menu File.
  • Full Screen: the editor you can enable full screen mode, so avoid distractions such notifications in the toolbar or the temptation to click the browser to navigate on Facebook.
  • Auto complete Markdown: Markdown is a simple language, but it never hurts to have a little help and the editor has an option (disabled by default) that helps us auto completed Markdown syntax.
  • VIM Mode: For those who use and love the text editor VI / VIM (default text editor on * NIX systems), Haroopad gives them the option of activating the vim editor mode and use commands similar to those of VI / VIM.
  • Email: editor gives us the option of emailing our work in HTML or Markdown format Gmail accounts used for that purpose, so it is necessary to have an email account there.
  • Embed HTML: add a video or other foreign material in your content is common in Haroopad is possible to copy the HTML inline code when exporting to HTML will be seen within the content.
  • Support for external content: you can easily add content more than 100 services like YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud and Twitter.

What is missing?

This project is in beta and has some minor shortcomings, for example, which has shortcuts for menu items or the ability to easily change the font of text, also could do with a greater variety of export formats.

An extra, because we like to give a little more

If you decide to try Haroopad or Markdown, it would be ideal complements content writing an editor like Haroopad with power conversion to other formats as an editor Pandoc .


It is an open source project focused on converting documents with markup formats. Pandoc supports dozens of formats like Markdown , reStructuredText , textile , HTML,DocBook , LaTeX , Media Wiki markup, EPUB, Microsoft Word.

The utlidad that gives us Pandoc is to convert Markdown our document in any other format, including with the help of accessories can withstand further quantities of formats such as BBCode.


Markdown is not a programming language.

WBD Team

Our excellent WBD team working day and night to put together best content for you.

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