Reasons why Laravel is the best framework for PHP?

Laravel is a young framework with a great future. It has a community full of energetic people, clear and complete documentation. It also has the necessary functionality to develop modern applications quickly and securely.Laravel Framework

In 2011, Taylor Otwell first introduced it to the world. Therefore, it is a framework with a fresh and modern approach. It was initially made for MVC architecture, but it meets all current needs such as event handling and user authentication. It also has a modular and extensible code through a package manager and robust support for managing databases.

It doesn’t matter if you are an expert or newbie; when you know about it, you’ll know that Laravel is the framework that you were looking for your PHP projects. In this article, we will talk about some of the reasons that make Laravel the best PHP framework.

Modular and extensible

Laravel is modular and extensible. This means that it allows you to add everything you need through Packalyst directory that has more than 5,500 packages. They made it with the aim that you will always find what you need.

Micro-services and APIs

Lumen is a micro-framework derived from laravel with a focus on lean development. That allow you to develop micro project easily and quickly and its APIs high performance for your projects. Lumen integrates all the features of laravel with minimal configuration and enables you to migrate to a full framework by copying the code into a laravel project.

HTTP Routing

Laravel has a fast and efficient routing system, similar to the Ruby on Rails. It allows us to relate the parts of our application with the routes that the user enters in the browser.

HTTP Middleware

Your applications will be protected with Middleware; Since it handles analyzing and filtering HTTP request on your server. You can install it to verifying registered user and to avoid problems like Cross-Site-Scripting (XSS) and other security measures.


Your applications will have a robust cache system that you can adjust so that your application loads faster, and you can provide the best possible experience to your users.


Security is crucial. Laravel comes with native user authentication and has the option to “remember” the user. It also allows you to include additional parameters, which show, for example, if it is an active user.

Integration with Stripe

Laravel Cashier has everything you need to integrate your development with this payment service. Besides, it can synchronize and integrate with user authentication system. So you no longer have to worry about how to integrate a billing system to your development.

Automated Tasks

Elixir is a Laravel API that allows us to define tasks with Gulp, which we can define preprocessors use to compress our CSS and JavaScript.


A secure application should able to encrypt their data. With Laravel, you have everything you need to start using OpenSSL Security and encryption AES-256-CBC. Also, all encrypted values are signed by an authentication code that detects if encrypted message was altered.


Define, record and listen to events in your application quickly. The property listen in EventServiceProvider contains a list of all the events recorded in your application.


Paging is easy with Laravel because it generates a range of links according to the current page in the user’s browser.

Object-Relational-Map (ORM)

Laravel includes a layer handling databases that has an ORM called Eloquent. It also works well with PostgreSQL.

Unit Testing

The development of Unit Testing is a task that consumes a considerable amount of time. But it gives us the certainty that our application will work without problems. Laravel has methods for performing Unit Testing using PHPUnit.

To do List

Laravel offers the option of running complex and lengthy processes in the background using to do list. It allows us to work asynchronously with certain processes that are not required to continue the user navigation.

There are many excellent PHP frameworks that you can work with, but Laravel is best for object oriented PHP.

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