Shortcut Foo : Learn to better control of Photoshop, SketchApp and Vim

On a daily basis, we use so many tools like the text editor, email service, graphics editor including highly technical tools. But we might not be as good as we think we are in it. So how to improve our knowledge of our everyday tools so that it can improve our productivity? Shortcut Foo, is the right solution for that.

Whether your are using graphics editing tool like (SketchApp, Photoshop, …), text editor/IDE (Vim, RubyMine, Visual Studio,…) or simply Excel, Word, or even Gmail, you will inevitably happy with it! Shortcut Foo will help you to become a master of those tools by easily help you to practice shortcuts for all those tools!



Know your commands and shortcuts of your tools at the fingertips

Shortcut Foo is an online platform that helps you to learn in a fun way the keyboard shortcuts and commands of many tools used on the Web until they become your natural reflex. You can learn and practice command, test your skill and earn starts.

vim cheat sheet

vim cheat sheet training

In addition to those I mentioned above, you can find bulk Git command line, and also widely used sites like Trello or Zendesk, Javascript resources like jQuery, and so on. Each subject is grouped in a Dojo, and the list of these is really impressive.

shortcutfoo dojos

shortcut foo photoshop cheat sheet

To motivate, you will find all the usual system of achievements as well as colors and accessories to customize your avatar, and the tournament competition system allows you to measure yourself to the community and win prizes.

shortcut foo dashboard

Shortcut Foo has monthly paid membership, which allows you to create your own custom dojos and many other features

In conclusion, Shortcut Foo is a nice little game, which will surely help you learn a few things about at least one software you use every day. You can try it without even signing up, so check it out during the lunch break!

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