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25 Amazing Photographs By Mike Kus Free

Some wonderful photographs from Mike Kus. Mike Kus is a UK-based developer dedicated to Web and user experience Style, Visual Style, Marketing, Representation & Photography 25 Photographs to be exact includes -Arrow, Big_door,  bikes, bridge, Building, chairs, christmas_tree, cycle_lane, door, exit, fish_n_chips, leaves, leaves_on_ground, nyc, pipe, post_box, road, rubbish, scooters, skyscraper, tables, type_building, white_door, wing a...

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Great Designers

We’ll take a look at some designers and how their work still impacts us to this very day. Know that all of these mediums are a little bit different. Whether it be architecture, print,...


Overtime Pay For Technology Workers

Although this is about technology workers this is true about any workers in any sector. So who’s entitled to overtime in simple graphics. In this case technology workers and freelancers suffers of not getting...