Texts also want to look good: 9 Rules for amazing text design

For the design of texts a lot of rules that go over the layout also apply. Even in the text itself, there are several things to consider so that the reading flow is not disturbed. Here are nine tips for amazing text design.

1. Different fonts

In order to classify texts visually appealing, it makes sense to use two different fonts. This applies to both websites and printed products. In some cases, people use three different fonts that matches with one and  another. However using too many different fonts might make your design chaotic.

2. The right font families for good text design

If you want to use different fonts you should use that from different font families. For example, sans serif and serif fonts can be mixed well. It is not a good idea to use different fonts with too much similarity. Fonts from different family should settle for a nice contrast to using in the same design.

The right font families

3. Capital letters

Capital letters are not suitable to highlight something. Our brain recognizes words sometimes faster than we read the letters – from the shape of the word. Capital letter prevents this rapid intake of words and disturbs the flow of reading. In addition, it has the unpleasant side effect that it looks as if the words is shouting.

4. Foreground / background

If you do not use classic black color on a white background, there is a whole lot of things that can go wrong. Make sure that the created contrast is not too much tiring to the eye. You should also check whether it is accessible to your chosen color combination. As a general rule: not only a color contrast, but also a difference in brightness must exist, so that the font properly settles from the background.

5. Oldstyle (Old Style Figures)

Old Style FiguresYou should use the old style fonts for texts number. They are divided into the text flow better one because they have such small letters over and descenders. They integrate better into the text flow because they have such small letters above and in descenders.

6. Flyspeck, orphan and widow

Look for widows and children. These are single lines at the end or beginning of a page. Also, you should avoid the so-called flyspeck, single syllables or words in a row before the paragraph. The entire text impression is simply restless and not round.

7. Good text design by highlighting

Do you want to emphasize certain points in the text? Then choose a Variant (bold, italic, underline, color set, text size, different font) and keep them consistently. Different emphases in a text will only confuse. Also, make sure that no more than ten percent of the entire text are highlighted. Otherwise, the style will lose its effect.

good text design by highlighting


8. Punctuation

Use meaningful and correct punctuation. All punctuation characters have their own function. How they are used, characterizes not only the contents, but also the appearance of the text.

9. Line-spacing and length

Really long lines are hard to grasp for the eye. Benchmark for line lengths are 50 to 70 characters per line in single-column text (font size 8 to 11). Also, the line spacing is crucial for readability. It should be slightly larger than the font itself. The usual line spacing is 120 percent.

Do you have any more tips for a good text design? We are looking forward to hear it in your comments!

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