Thanks to Machine Learning, Python is back in trend

Python is just as much discussed as in years. Where does the current interest come from and can it stop?

Stack Overflow is one of the most important and well-known community for developers with questions about their projects. Because of the number of questions on individual topics, it is, therefore, possible to identify trends, which languages and topics currently attract a great deal of interest. In several articles, the makers of the site have pointed out that a programming language currently stands out: Python.

questions about python at stackoverflowPython was for a long time one of many smaller languages that had been quite interesting for specific tasks but did not have a huge share of StackOverflow search queries. On average, between 2009 and 2013, only about four percent of the questions about StackOverflow went to Python. Since then, however, the interest in the language has grown massively, the most recent figures see the share of Python questions at nine percent. In comparison, most of the questions are asked about javascript, which is currently a little more than eleven percent. Python has become much stronger and belongs to the top group. But does the python in general or are individual libraries responsible for the upturn?

Python conquers new areas

In fact, the stack overflow team has also pursued this question – and the answer is quite interesting: along with interest in the language, interest has risen only in specific libraries, namely pandas, matplotlib, and numpyNumpy is a library for basic work with large numbers of data in figures. Based on this, matlibplot and pandas allow further calculation methods, with all three libraries being used in data analysis. But also in a field that is growing ever bigger: Machine Learning, Thanks to the three libraries, Python has now gained a place of great importance and is mostly unrivaled. It may, therefore, be assumed that the interest in the language will not be flattened again as soon as machine learning is becoming more and more critical in some areas and is one of the big tech trends.

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