ThinkJs, a NodeJS framework leveraging new ES6/7

Today we want you to discover a JavaScript framework at the tip of the technology called ThinkJs.


What is ECMAScript (ES6, ES7)?

Even if you have very minimal knowledge of JavaScript, you probably already heard about ECMAScript.

JavaScript is very powerful and dynamic language. But its problem is that it is not developed by a single group of people, but by a large number of companies that have decided to use it for various purposes.(i.e., Web Browsers). So to prevent these groups of people to do anything they want and that we end up with a different language per group, we needed a standard for JavaScript.

Simply, ECMAScript (in short ES) is the standard on which all JavaScript implementations are based on (V8 for Chrome, Rhino for Mozilla, Chakra for IE, and much more). The ES6 (released in 2015) and the ES7 version 7 (also called ES2016, I leave you to guess the release date).

Obviously, as you can imagine, not all JavaScript engine development groups have the same number of developers, and they do not prioritize all the same feature implementations in the same order. The consequence of this is that currently, the support of the ES6 and the ES7 (i.e., the quantity of features in the standard that the JS engines support) is very fragmented. Each JavaScript engine, each browser is different in the understanding of ES6/7.

For the Web, to be sure that our javascript works with all browsers, we would have to restrict ourselves to the older version of JavaScript Engine ES5.


Babel to the rescue!

To solve this problem, there are programs like Babel, which transform Javascript ES6/7 into ES5. In this way, you can write modern and future-proof JavaScript now, even if the implementations you target are not compatible!



ThinkJs, to take advantage of new ES6/7

After this long intro, let me tell you about our topic of the day, ThinkJs.

thinkjs javascript framework

This new NodeJS framework is a complete framework (like a SailsJs, Rails or  Laravel ), supporting a large number of databases and providing all the features a modern web project could need (Websockets, server rendering, … ..).

thinkjs features

In particular, it has decided to make full use of the new features of the ES6/7. And thanks to Babel, it can be an excellent tool to better understand the use that can be made of these innovations.

I strongly encourage you to take a look at this framework! Be careful though; it is a very young framework, endowed with a community quite restricted and very centered on Asia. So do not expect a lot of examples and documentation.

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