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programmer fatique

How to cope with programming fatigue

All about what causes programmer fatigue and how to deal with it. here is a really high demand for the programmer in this 21st century. It comes with many perks like a good salary, medical insurance, free meals, free passes for the sport, training, tours, corporate events and flexibility if you are working as a freelancer. But despite the abundance...

photoshop to sketchapp

Going from PhotoShop to the Sketch App

Personal Journey from the Photoshop to the Sketch app In my many years of experience in interface design and development, I have tried a huge pile of different tools, ranging from the complete Adobe software package to little-known graphic editors. In the end, I settled on the most standard Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator....

wordpress theme development toolbox

WordPress introduced a new Toolbox for theme Development

The development team for the WordPress announced the next phase of development of its popular homepage theme the underscores. The new project is called Components. Components is forked from underscore project. Its main difference is that it is not limited to the basic structure and simplified theme styles, i.e. the output is something...

ab testing feature image

What is A/B Testing and How to do it? (Infographic)

“If you don’t like testing your product, most likely your customers won’t like to test it either.” Do you ever wonder how often you are being A/B Tested? But first off, just so we are all on the same page… What is A/B Testing? A/B testing also called split testing....