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svg animation girl

Discover 10 amazing new SVG Animations

Only a few people use SVG animation for their design project. People are no longer using flash for animation. A word of clarification, I am not talking about using Flash in the game. Good...


Top Ten Hover Effects

Here is our top ten hover effects code snippets. Those hover effects basically build with HTML, CSS & Java. So enjoy… Direction Aware Hover Effects: See the Pen Direction-aware 3D hover effect by Noel...

css3 hover effect

CSS3 Hover Effects

Pure CSS3 Hover effects honglio from Beijing China. Those CSS codes are in SASS Preprocessor. 16 different beautiful hover effects in rounded shape. Some of them are quite brilliant and useful. Honglio build it inspired...

day-and-night animation

SVG Plus CSS3 – Day and Night Animation

Now this one is brilliant piece of SVG and CSS3 Simple Day-Night Animation make by  Lucas Perdidão. So this is a SVG animation which change into night from day when you hover and sun goes...


Expanding List

Today I am gonna share with you my absolute favorite expanding list build in html, css and with JavaScript.  Inspired by neato website use base64  images there. Tried that brightening color fix (using opacity) on...

css3 page flip effect

Pure CSS3 Page Flip Effect

Pure CSS3 Page Flip Effect by Roman Cortes. This code snippet create awesome page flip effect which is only made by html and css3. Roman Cortes make this pure CSS3— without Javascript — page...


Pure CSS Mason Jars

A wonderful Pure CSS Mason Jars Shape created by pure CSS & HTML. Here is the code: HTML


  You can find this mason jar border code also in