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wink method in drawing

Improve your drawing technique in seconds: the wink method

When we learn to draw, we would always find the shortcuts that allow us to go faster in the process. Although there is no pill to better design, there are some tips and tricks to improve your work. I will reveal a simple and really effective technique to improve the...

Webdesign Layout Website

Best Practices to Design a Website

If you are planning to design a website, it is crucial for you to know the best practices in the event that you need your responsive site to function admirably and give the adaptability it should. Best Practices that will Make Your Site Different How professional developers become an expert?...

color meaning

Meaning of different colors for web design

Content: Introduction The meaning of colors White Yellow Orange Red Purple Blue Green Black Table of properties of colors Table of sensations Introduction: The color is a part of the light spectrum, and, at last, is vibrational energy. This energy affects humans differently depending on its wavelength (color in particular)...


Using Geolocation with HTML5 API

Hello everybody, in today’s article we will show you how to work with HTML5 Geo-location API. First of all we must know that there are three common ways to find out the position of something on the globe: • IP Geo-location • Triangulation GPRS • GPS Note: Remember that to run...