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protect-wordpress_original - .htaccess hacks

Ten useful .htaccess hacks for WordPress

There are several .htaccess hacks that’s gonna make your WordPress site performance much better. Some of those hacks you can also achieve by using plugins. But then why use a third-party plugins when you...


How to Develop WordPress With PhpStorm

A few weeks ago in PhpStorm 8 (available in the program early access / Early Access Program) has added support for popular CMS WordPress. Fresh build PhpStorm 8 EAP can download for free right...

changing the shape of lips

How to change shape of lips with Photoshop

Video Transcript 0:03 case is pretty easy to a 0:07 make enhancements tulips this filter also applies to all the parts the body 0:11 including eyes muscles things like that 0:13 so we’re going...