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put a tattoo on a body - photoshop tutorials

How to Add tattoos in Photoshop

Video Transcript 0:01 hi guys I’m just busy am showing you how to use Photoshop 0:04 in this video I’m gonna show you how to quickly easily 0:07 and very efficiently at a tattoo...


What can you do with Photoshop?

Video Transcript  0:03 you’re taking this course and I have to assume the relatively new to Photoshop 0:08 I’m sure you’ve probably heard someone use Photoshop as a ver 0:12 as in man there’s...

photoshop tutorials

Brush Presets : Photoshop Tutorials

Video Transcript Everyone gene here with my how to comp traditional artist go through thousands the brushes over the course of their lifetime. Photoshop attempt to simulate many different types of illustration and painting tools  where you...