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Web & Mobile UI/UX Dribbble Shots #29 – UX Planet

onetwo go by Deniz Kurtcepe By author: onetwo go is the app for the urban runner. Release and self-improvement are at the core of the running experience. For most urban runners, it’s a personal and...


5 Principles of Cuteness in Web Design

Okay, how in the heck do you make something “cute”? Now maybe you’ve grown up in an environment where getting in touch with your feelings was anathema. Maybe you just naturally gravitated to Max...


A UXathon Case Study – UX Planet

A Design Solution To Help Hurricane Survivors About the project Overview: This project was done as a part of a UXathon (a UX hackathon) organized by UXPA @ Pratt Institute. It was a 6-hour event,...