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color meaning

Meaning of different colors for web design

Content: Introduction The meaning of colors White Yellow Orange Red Purple Blue Green Black Table of properties of colors Table of sensations Introduction: The color is a part of the light spectrum, and, at...


Harp is the best tool for static sites

Harpjs is a command line utility that greatly facilitates the creation of static sites. If you have already installed node.js and npm start developing with Harp is as simple as installing via npm:


the art of typography

Typography: The Art of text layout

Texts have the power to influence readers. This has always been so and has not changed in the Internet age. What has changed through the web is the amount of texts with which we are confronted...

good user interface

58 signs of a good user interface

A good user interface and high conversion it simple to use. That is, it is good for business, and for the people using it. Here is a list of ideas we’ve tested. 1. One...