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Top UI Design Principles To Keep In Mind

The creation of a high-quality user interface implies the principle “the user is above all” and the corresponding methodology for the development of the entire software product. For the software to be good enough,...


Which UX Research Method to Use

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash User Experience research can be done in plenty of ways using great variety of methods. Depending on product lifecycle phase, resources at hand and other factors you have...


7 Common UX Design Myths

And how to avoid them. Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash Greetings everyone, fellow seekers of truth. It’s about time to bust some myths around UX/Product Design. First of all, I wanted to thank...


How to use Post-it Notes, Part 2

No such thing as too enthusiastic! Design Sprint Day 1 — From Attention to Direction. Happy Monday! Welcome back! Let’s continue where we left off in (Part 1): Picture this: I’m in the shower on the first evening...


Shopee — UX Case Study – UX Planet

Shopee is one of my favorite apps. I have found some of my favorite products here. Moreover, thanks to Shopee, I could meet Sesame Street friends at Universal Studio Singapore on Shopee Family Day....