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This is what happens when you break the mental model.

The absolute dumpster fire that is OSX’s trash can You probably imagine that your OSX trash can functions like this, with files from your computer as well as external drives going into a single pre-deletion...


the Airbus iflyA380 App – UX Planet

An app dedicated to an aircraft? That might seem a bit niche, but when the aircraft in question is the iconic A380 by Airbus, I knew there was potential to create a totally new...


UX Refactoring on the lawn – UX Planet

Don Norman define UX like this: “User experience covers all aspects of the end-user interaction with the company, its products, and services.” Let’s analyze the original image, applying the terms defined in the previous...


Accessibility before Aesthetics – UX Planet

It’s time we start addressing accessibility before aesthetics in our design processes to create meaningful products for our diversified societies and cultures. Before diving into the Why, How and What of it, let’s revisit...