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Talked about basics of web design like typography, layout, colors, size and texture, different types of design, Web design history and many more.


Is Google Toast? | Webdesigner Depot

A long time ago on an internet far, far away, developers battled with blink tags in the Browser Wars… For those too young to remember, the Browser Wars entailed a tech rush by, among...


Meeting the New | Webdesigner Depot

Today, instead of ranting about politics, music, or film, the Twitterverse will be ranting about Twitter; more specifically, Twitter’s brand-new, design and codebase update to its desktop site. After months of extensive testing, the...


What’s New for Designers, July 2019

Our monthly roundup of what’s new for designers and developers highlights the best free (or very low cost) new resources launched or updated in the last four weeks. It’s hard to stay focused this...


Is Dribbble Worth Your Time?

Do you Dribbble? Should you accept that invite and become a player? As Dribbble turns 10, we take a look at the pros and cons of using the site to showcase your design skills....