What is A/B Testing and How to do it? (Infographic)

“If you don’t like testing your product, most likely your customers won’t like to test it either.”

Do you ever wonder how often you are being A/B Tested? But first off, just so we are all on the same page…

What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing also called split testing. It compares two versions of a web page or mobile app against each other to check which one is performs better. A/B Testing also known as bucket testing.

What can we test?

Anything on our website and mobile app that affect its user’s behavior.

  1. Headlines
  2. Sub-headlines
  3. Paragraph Text
  4. Testimonial
  5. Call to Action text
  6. Call to Action Buttons
  7. Links
  8. Images
  9. Content near the fold
  10. Social proof
  11. Media mentions
  12. Awards and badges

A lot of website tester are using it right now to gain insight on user’s behavior and to increase click through rate and conversions. And yet A/B Testing is still not as common as SEO. Most of the People are not aware of it. They don’t understand what it is and how to do it and how it could benefit them.

Take a look at on this infographic is meant to be the best guide you will ever find for A/B testing.

What is A B Testing

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